Muscle Up With Lamb Chops And These Protein-Packed Sides

This post is sponsored by Lamb and Mutton SA |

This post is sponsored by Lamb and Mutton SA, by Marina Bester (MSc. Nutrition) for Lamb and Mutton SA, photos by Lizanne Coetzee.

It’s time to muscle up, you chop… 

Yes train mean and eat lean, but don’t be the chop who rocks up at a braai with chicken fillets and a salad. Lamb and mutton meat contains high biological value complete proteins, supplying your body with all 9 essential amino acids to help build new, stronger muscles and repair damaged tissue. – 1Here’s the low-down on your lamb chop choices!

Shoulder Chops2


Probably the tastiest of all the chops, thanks to all of that intramuscular fat, but definitely not the most handsome chop in all of the land. Often sold as “braai chops” although we prefer a slower cooking method such as “potjiekos”.

Rib Chops2


It’s not a braai without the iconic lamb rib chop! Braai from frozen to get that perfect crispy fat and medium rare muscle meat!

Chump Chops2


Chump is the new rump! Chump chops are the leg of lamb cut up in slices. What you see in this picture is in fact just half a chump chop as it is sold (often labelled as “lamb rump”!). Although not as flavourful as shoulder chops, chump chops are very tender and perfect to braai!

Loin Chops2


The fillet of the lamb carcass and the ultimate braai treat! Line up a few loin chops on a skewer stick and braai them fat side down first (you can do the same with rib chops)!

Team these lamb chops up with these nutrient packed sides that won’t have your mancard revoked!

Tapas-Style rib Chops and Protein Packed Fritters


Recipe: Finger foods that WILL fill you up! These easy fritters are bulked up with sweet potato, baby marrows and chickpea flour (gluten free) and compliments the ever-so popular braaied rib chops perfectly!

Loin Chops and Orange Sweet Potato Fries


Recipe: Cover the entire micro nutrient spectrum from A to Zinc with this potent but simple combination of orange sweet potato fries and those protein powerhouse lamb loin chops!

Curry and Apricot Chump Chops with Turmeric Carrots


Recipe: Chump is the new rump they say. This curry marinade give chump chops with its rather neutral elegant taste the kick it needs. Bulk up your chump chops with some added nutrients with this super easy anti-oxidant packed tumeric carrots.

Chickpea “fitbreads” and Shoulder Chop Strips


Recipe: Our fitbread recipe is what you have you have been missing in your life! The protein packed chickpea wraps with it’s rather sweet taste goes perfect with some fresh salad ingredients and shoulder chops strips!

Check out our Bearded Chef doing these lamb chops some justice on the braai:


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1. Schönfeldt,H.C.; Hall, N. & Van Heerden. 2012. The Nutrient Content of South African Lamb and Mutton. University of Pretoria & The ARC, Irene, South Africa. 2 Bester, M. 2017. The physical and nutrient composition of animal source foods, University of Pretoria.



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