Healthy Fast Food: 4 Quick & Easy Recipes Sure To Impress

Kirsten Curtis |

In partnership with Whirlpool

Say goodbye to all your other appliances, the Whirlpool 6th SENSE JetChef Microwave is the only cooking apparatus you need in your kitchen.

With 6th SENSE technology that utilises built-in sensors to detect the level of humidity, this microwave is able to adapt the time and energy needed to make sure that whatever you’re creating is cooked to perfection.

It has different cooking functions that allow you to achieve oven-style results in a fraction of the time. The Whirlpool JetChef’s 6th SENSE Crisp functionality takes full advantage of Whirlpool’s 3D crisp, which has been built-in to provide you with a perfectly crisped pizza in eight minutes, and muffins in 12.

The Steam function uses sensors to ensure that your food tastes great and preserves its texture and nutritional value, while the Assisted Chef Evolution function knows how to cook anything. The innovative text-assisted display perfectly matches Whirlpool’s built-in ovens and has 11 different food types. All you have to do is select the meal you will be preparing and the microwave will choose the programme and time that will ensure you get the best results. The LCD display uses easy-to-read symbols and text to give you clear indications throughout the cooking process.

Check out four simple recipes created by Men’s Health – together with Whirlpool – specifically designed to showcase Whirlpool’s versatility and to save you time in the kitchen.  Whether you’re keen to impress or simply in need of a healthy meal, tuck in!

Mushroom and Bacon Breakfast Bowl 





Dark Chocolate And Nut Brownies In Just 10 Minutes





Fillet With Wedges And Chimichurri





Salmon With Potatoes And Aioli



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