Our 5 Best Drinks For Men That You Can Make Every Day

Our crew of some of the country’s best mixologists have created drinks that are smart, sensible and swap out the window dressing for real health benefits.

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We don’t need tiny umbrellas, bright maraschino cherries or neon-green elixirs. Our crew of some of the country’s best mixologists have created the best drinks that are smart, sensible and swap out the window dressing for real health benefits.

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Pick your spirit, shake, serve and sit down with a copy of Men’s Health, it’s an issue that is packed with power. Trust us.

Whisky (The Penicillin)

This is medicine for the mind, body and soul, but it doesn’t taste like it’s prescription. Whisky with ginger, lemon and honey creates a drink that will keep you saner by the sip.

What You’ll Need:

50ml Speyside Whisky

25ml Lemon Juice (fresh pressed)

20ml Honey & Ginger Syrup

10ml Islay Whisky

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Make It:

Shake up your Speyside whisky, lemon juice and honey together with a handful of cubed ice. Strain into a rocks glass stacked with ice. Now, float your Islay whisky on the drink’s surface by gently pouring the spirit over the top.

Smart Swaps: Swap your sugar syrup for a tablespoon of honey. Not only is it sweeter (and lower in kilojoules), research has shown that this golden nectar can lower blood pressure and help reduce inflammation.

Sweet and Smoky: Two whiskies are sometimes better than one. The Speyside whisky in this drink is fresh, fruity and keeps every sip light; while the Islay whisky brings a big hit of smoky flavour, adding depth and richness.

By Dino Jose Batista of Molecular Bars

Rum (Volcanic Papa)

This poolside party treat tastes like summer and kicks like a kangaroo.

What You’ll Need:

50ml Don Papa Aged Rum

20ml Fresh Egg White

30ml Passionfruit Pulp

20ml Lime Juice

½ Seedless Jalapeño

20ml Maple Syrup

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Make It:

Shake up all your ingredients, then strain into a short rocks glass and garnish with a burnt jalapeño.

Smart Swaps: While pure maple syrup only marginally cuts down on kilojoules (around 70 per serving), this completely natural sweetener has been shown to have immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

It Burns So Good: Research from University of Vermont College of Medicine has shown that capsaicin, the compound in chillies and peppers like the jalapeño in this recipe, may help stimulate cellular mechanisms against obesity.

By AJ Snetler (The Tattooed Bartender)

Vodka (The Moscow Mule)

Easy to make and even easier to drink. The ginger gives it a kick, and the lime keeps it refreshing – serve at your next braai.

What You’ll Need:

50ml Reyka Vodka

15ml Lime Juice (Fresh-Pressed)

Ginger Beer

Lime Wedge

Make It:

Pour your vodka, lime juice and ginger beer over ice in your class (use a copper mug, to stay true to tradition) and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Smart Swaps: Tag in a light ginger beer instead of the kilojoule-dense ales screaming for your attention in the supermarket. The lime and vodka will smother the dodgy sugar-free aftertaste, and you’ll kill those extra pointless kilojoules.

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Root Out Muscle Pain: A University of Georgia study found that daily consumption of ginger root may could help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by 25%. This guy drink should now form part of your post-workout routine! Just don’t put it in a shaker.

By Dino Jose Batista of Molecular Bars

Tequila (Dem Apples)

This will have you feeling like you’re kicking it on a beach in cozumel. crisp, refreshing and healthy – the ideal stress antidote.

What You’ll Need:

45ml Fortaleza Tequila Blanco

50ml Granny Smith Apple Juice

20ml Honey Water

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

1 tsp Matcha Green Tea

Make It:

Place your ingredients in a shaker, and then fill to the brim with ice. Shake until your drink is near-freezing. Strain your drink into a tall glass, and then top with soda. Thwack a large mint sprig with the flat side of a kitchen knife, and garnish.

Smart Swaps: Quality tequila will have you buzzing in just a few sips. Drinking in the early afternoon? Use half the tequila and twice the matcha for a low-kilojoule, heart-healthy sundowner that won’t have you rolling before the braai’s ready.

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Keep it 100: Short says you should always opt for a tequila that says “100% Agave” on the bottle. Why? It offers better flavour, and there are no surprise high-kilojoule, high-BS ingredients.

By Julian Short Of Sin+Tax

Gin (The Ramos Gin Fizz)

Scrap the tonic water – this new take on one of the world’s oldest classics shakes up what you know about drinks.

What You’ll Need:

50ml Hendrick’s Gin (Blue)

15ml Lime Juice (Fresh-Pressed)

15ml Lemon Juice (Fresh-Pressed)

20ml Sugar Syrup

2 Drops Orange Blossom Water

3 Drops Vanilla Essence

20ml Egg White

25ml Milk Soda Water

Make It:

Shake your ingredients – minus the soda water – with ice in a shaker. Strain your drink, remove the ice, and shake up your ingredients one more time to build up a fresh foam. Pour over ice into a long, Collins-style glass and then top with soda. Garnish with a vanilla pod.

Smart Swaps: Use Xylitol instead of sugar: it has 40% fewer kilojoules. LESS FAT, MORE MUSCLE: Sub in low-fat milk and a scoop of your protein powder to create the Ramos “Gym” Fizz, a sundowner with added gains.

Experiment Locally: The good news about the gin revival is the huge variety of local gins and different flavours. Some of our favourites: Musgrave, Hope on Hopkins, Inverroche and Wilderer.

By Dino Jose Batista of Molecular Bars

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