Phil Winchester’s Fighting Food Plan

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Due to Winchester’s demanding workload and hours on set, he had to take in a lot of nutrition. “While we didn’t restrict the kinds of food he could eat, we did control the quality of his kilojoules,” says Emil Makan, Winchester’s strength and conditioning coach. 
“No pies and chips, rather good, wholesome foods,” says Makan. Winchester also had his daily menu tailored to the weather and type of work planned for the day. “If it was a cold day, we’d do a hearty stew and brown rice instead of something like a grilled steak – not only would it be filled with good, sustained energy for the shoot, it would also satisfy him and reduce cravings for junk food.” Or he’d loads up on vitamin C filled food choices during flu season.  Winchester took an omega 3 pill and a multivitamin daily, but everything else he needed he got from his diet. “We threw in a post-training protein shake just for ease of use and quicker uptake by body, but otherwise everything was whole food,” says Makan. “Most guys think that on the days you don’t train you should eat less, but it’s actually the opposite: eat more to recover and grow.” The days before doing heavy lifts Winchester upped his nutrition to load up and ensured his body had a sufficient glycogen and amino acid pool. “I also made sure his eating plan was high in immune system boosting foods such as garlic, chilli, peppers and natural oils,” says Makan. “Protein levels were kept high, but it was plenty of quality carbs that fuelled his training, and a good 
variety of vegetables that provided micronutrients.” Winchester also made his own super juice in the 
morning. “My wife and 
I make one from the 
following: spinach, apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger and mint – as much good stuff as possible. It normally tastes terrible,” says Winchester. “But it’s a good start to the day.”


3 Whole eggs, 3 egg white omelette with chicken, spinach, 
red onion and 2 slices whole wheat toast, 
1 cup of oats

MID-MORNING SNACK: Skewers with 
peppadews, steak, yellow peppers

LUNCH: 300g Chilli con carne, 150g wild rice, plain yoghurt, guacamole, green salad, lime wedges.

MID-AFTERNOON SNACK: Fruit smoothie and some lean biltong

300g grilled steak, 120g brown rice, gravy, broccoli, green beans, salad

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