Perfect Coffee Every Time

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The perfect cup of coffee, exists, right?

Well not really, but here’s the long answer: “People have written books about how to make one single espresso – the ‘God shot!’” says Renato Correia, founder of Espressolab Microroasters. “Many people don’t even know what coffee really tastes like – it should have a quality mouth feel, with all kinds of subtleties, like maybe fruitiness and even jasmine,” he continues. Think of all the fuss there is about fine wine. It’s the same with speciality coffee.

“There’s commodity coffee, with the price determined by the world’s stock markets,” says Dylan Cumming of Beaver Creek, “and then there’s speciality coffee, where the price is judged on the quality of the beans.” Commodity coffee is the normal stuff, but you’ll have to look a little harder for speciality beans. Although, things are changing according to Origin Coffee’s, Lovejoy Chirambasukwa, the 2013 South African Barista Champion. “Now Checkers and Pick n Pay are stocking interesting coffees.”

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