Magic Mushrooms

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Now we are not talking about the psychedelic kind that you take at weeklong music festivals. We are talking about the healthy kind you should eat more of if you don’t already. Consumer demands for mushrooms has increased in the past decades as global mushroom production reaches close to 8 million metric tons.

Mushrooms are low-kilojoule fungi that are comprised of 92% water yet they still pack a mean punch of dietary benefits and nutrients that include selenium, fibre, and B-12. There have been multiple studies conducted in order to show the health benefits of mushrooms and in the Journal of Nutrition they outline the medical benefits of mushroom consumption.

These benefits include; better mental cognition, help combat obesity and metabolic syndrome, and gingivitis protection. Even for weightless mushrooms has been suggested as a substitute for higher fat meats, as they are equally nutritious and satisfy the palate.

Check out some of our recipes and find yourself some awesome mushroom incorporated meals.

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