6 Low Calorie, No Alcohol Drinks To Try At Your Next Braai

Whether you're ditching booze for good or just trying to cut down, these no alcohol drinks are low calorie and full of refreshing flavour.

Kelleigh Korevaar |

Although South Africa hasn’t been as quick to embrace alcohol-free beer, no alcoholic drinks, craft ‘vir-gins’ and mocktails, we should be. In 2016, the average drinker in South Africa consumed 30 litres of pure alcohol and a 2018 report by the World Health Organisation placed SA sixth globally as a nation of drinkers.

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Whether you’re participating in #Ocsober, a movement to ditch booze for a month, or you’re just trying to cut down on your intake, these low alcohol drinks are a great choice.

Castle Free

They take the same local ingredients as Castle Lager and after boiling, brewing, cooling and then fermenting it, they remove the alcohol through a combination of natural processes. After that, it’s packaged and ready for you to crack open a cold one.

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Castle Free contains 96kJ per 100ml

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Heineken 0.0

They realised that just removing the alcohol from the regular 5% Heineken wouldn’t make the best nonalcoholic beer. So Heineken 0.0 is brewed from scratch and has refreshing fruity notes with a soft malty body.

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Heineken 0.0 contains 87kJ per 100ml

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Leopard’s Leap Natura Classic Red

Made from Cinsaut and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that have been sourced from cool climes; on the palate you’ll get red berries, sweet spice and no alcohol. And did we mention it’s vegan?

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Leopard’s Leap Natura Classic Red contains 29kJ per 100ml

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Becks Non-Alcoholic

Brewed with European hops, this alcohol-free beer tastes just like your favourite lager (but has fewer kilojoules per sip). Crisp and refreshing, it’s better than whatever slop is on tap. Cheers.

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Becks Non-Alcohol contains 60kJ per 100ml

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Boasting zero kilojoules, sugar-free, sweetener-free and artificial flavourant-free, the world’s first distilled nonalcoholic spirit comes in two flavours: Garden 108 and Spice 94.

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Seedlip contains 0kJ per 100ml

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The Duchess Botanical

South African brand The Duchess was the world’s first non-alcoholic, sugar-free gin and tonic. The Duchess Botanical delivers notes of cloves, cardamom and star anise and is best served ice cold with a citrus rind.

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The Duchess Botanical contains 29kJ per 100ml

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For more info about why you should ditch booze, what mindful drinking is and some great no-alcohol cocktail recipes (yes, it’s a thing), get a copy of the October issue here.

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