Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Exists Thanks To Masturbation

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Kellogg’s Corn flakes has been part of a staple breakfast for the past 100 years and is enjoyed in 108 countries around the world but many corn flakes fans do not know how this crispy cereal came into existence.

Created by John Harvey Kellogg after graduating from medical school, as part of a healthy dietary program stumbled onto ‘one of the world’s most valuable multi-billion dollar brand’.

He became the chief physician at Michigan’s Battle Creek Sanitarium, where they focused on nutrition, enemas and exercise. This is where it gets interesting as the sanitaruim was run by a Seventh – day Adventist who strongly believed in abstinence amongst other things.

According to Medical Daily “it was his medical theory that almost all illnesses could be linked back to the stomach and bowels, leading him to administer daily enemas made of yogurt to clean the intestines. “

He attributed that all other causes of diseases to sexual intercourse and masturbation, which he thought was to be harmful. As crazy as that might sound, what’s crazier is that Kellogg’s was invented for “healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meals.”

Hence why Kellogg’s professional opinion was to avoid eating ‘exciting’ foods that could potentially lead you to feeling a ‘lil frisky. With this in mind, he then enlisted the help of his younger brother, William Keith to make the perfect food so that his patients could center their diets around; with one exception- it had to be the least sexy food to date.

They experimented with dextrinized cereals, which are the browning of starches, in dry, crisp forms to stimulate saliva for healthy digestion bereft of sexually exciting flavours.”

How did they end up with the crispy crunchy cereal?

Their dough overcooked one day and when they found it, the flattened wheat came out like a thin flake. Patients, who were based at the sanitarium, began to eat their fluky invention and by the 1905, they were producing 150 cases a day.

Like most family business tales, the two brothers shared their differences as to whether sugar should be added to their invention as well as selling it outside of the sanitarium.“The doctor refused the addition, considering it a sinfully sweet ingredient. Will eventually left to pursue the ready-to-eat cereal business full-fledge.”

And that guys, is how Kellogg’s Cornflakes was born, although the good doctor continued his questionable theories by suggesting that boys have a sliver wire threaded through the foreskin of their genitals to prevent erections and cause irritation.

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Alice Paulse