Its National Coffee Day

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Firstly Happy National Joe Day, fellow Joe lovers, I am sure you have been celebrating in style by having a few good cups of coffee.

Today, coffee franchises in America will be celebrating National Coffee Day, by providing free beverages to customers.

With America probably being in the lead for their love of coffee, as more than half of American adults are fuelled by coffee.

Thinking of moving to America? We won’t stop you; instead provide a little insight into the various ways coffee can be made and how many calories these ways pack.

According to Medical Daily “a 10-calorie beverage can quickly morph into a 500-calorie milkshake if you aren’t careful.’’

Espresso aka “Porn in a cup”

Dubbed “porn in a cup’’ by a Brooklyn coffee shop, called The Pulp & The Bean which serves a staggering 10 shots of espresso per cup. A potent drink that is brewed by forcing a small amount of boiling water through finely ground coffee beans under high pressure.

Espresso is often served in 56 gram servings or as an addition to a regular coffee drink. One serving contains only 5 calories, making it an extremely low calorie drink.

Classic Black Coffee

Sometimes you just need to take it back to where it all started with a classic black cup of coffee; it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up drink.

This classic drink has about 226 grams of brewed coffee and only packs 2 calories and no fat. Yet, this is before all the added goodness of toppings and specialty flavours are added.


This Italian take on coffee, containing smoothly steamed milk with two shots of rich espresso and a thin layer of foam on the top. Where do most of the calories come from? Steamed milk that gets added to the espresso, which is about 120 to 200 calories; but it does depend on type of milk that’s being used.

“Lattes made with non-fat, low fat, or soy milk provides a great source of calcium while keeping calories low.”


Another Italian rendition of a coffee drink, that is prepared with espresso and whipped cream or steamed milk. Once again, the calorie breakdown depends on the type of milk used to prepare the cappuccino.

According to Medical Daily “When made with whole milk, a 12-ounce cappuccino contains 120 calories, non -fat milk contains 75 calories, and soy milk contains 64 calories.”

Wanting to keep the calories in check but still enjoy a cup of Joe? A classic black coffee is your best bet.

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse