If You Aren’t Eating These – You’re Going To Hurt

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How you recoup after training matters. Make sure your post-workout meal is up to scratch.

You need a meal that packs a punch, but doesn’t leave you salivating for the next hour waiting for the oven timer to go. Your finished plate also has to pack enough vitamins and minerals to help your body fully recover.

We sourced 10 ingredients that deliver not just protein, but the chemicals to process protein, as well as anti-inflammatories to ease any lingering muscle pain. Add them to your meals to supercharge your recovery.

01/ OLIVE OIL. Splash a testosterone-boosting dose over your food to increase muscle growth, without resorting to banned substances.

02/ ALMONDS. The antioxidant properties of this crunchy snack prevent free radical damage, which causes fatigue. Eat two handfuls daily without packing on fat*.

03/ BROAD BEANS. Add these iron-rich beans to fortify your salad and combat that tired, weak feeling by increasing the oxygen cells pumping around the body.

04/ MANUKA HONEY. A spoonful provides a quick carb hit without the inevitable blood-sugar drop, according to Baylor University. Its antiinflammatory properties act as a natural painkiller for DOMS. manukahoneyafrica.com

05/ LEMON. Its juice is a key source of the electrolyte potassium, which combats cramps and spasms. Squeeze it in your water bottle, immediately.

06/ GREEK YOGHURT. Bolstered with twice as much protein as plain yoghurt, this boosts muscle repair and strength, according to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

07/ WATERCRESS. Add this raw ingredient to your sandwiches and reap the benefits of beta-Carotene and vit E to speed up muscle recovery.

08/ PINEAPPLE. A powerhouse of nutrients, it delivers vitamin C to make collagen in the body and build new tissue, as well as bromelain to aid protein digestion.

09/ COCONUTS. The meat is a key source of manganese: a mineral that helps activate enzymes and convert proteins in the body to produce energy.

10/ MACKEREL .You knew fish would be on here somewhere, and this one is primed for the job, delivering 21g of protein per fillet, without the hefty price tag of salmon.

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