How To Cut Back On Coffee As Painlessly As Possible

Avoid becoming a slave to Vida e, and work on whittling down your habit.

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A coffee habit can affect your body in a bunch of not-so-pleasant ways. So if you want to avoid becoming a slave to Vida e, you might want to work on whittling down your habit now.

Start with slow steps, says Dr. Nandi.

“The best way to decrease withdrawal symptoms is by gradually cutting back on the number of cups or the volume of the caffeinated drink” he says. “You can decrease by 1/4 cup per day.”

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But if you don’t want to cut volume, you can just reduce your caffeine. Try mixing some of your coffee to half caffeinated and half decaf, then all half/half, then gradually to all decaf,” says Keri Gans, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N.

“This can definitely take weeks, so be kind to yourself and give in to the process,” she says. As withdrawal symptoms could be expected, try and keep your head up and give your body time to acclimate to the changes—you’ll get there.

Dr. Towfigh recommends tracking any patterns, to get a clearer picture as to the extremity of your intake or withdrawal symptoms.

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Better yet, if you’re feeling brave, sub in a new kind of decaffeinated hot beverage to brighten your morning.

You can also try coffee substitutes like dandelion tea, Teeccino, green tea, or Ayurvedic Roast.

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