How The Internet Can Help You Go Vegan, From Veganuary & Beyond

Take the internet's advice. Here's how.

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Veganuary has been in full-swing, and according to Google, levels of interest and participation in South Africa are high. The ‘vegan’ search trend has rocketed as of December 2019 in the country, and whether it is up to Netflix’s ‘The Game Changers’ (see below, we’re fans) or the work of the non-profit UK initiative called ‘Veganuary,’ we’ll never know.

Either way, if you’re inspired and looking for some help to go vegan, we put together this short guide with the help of Google SA so that you have all the search-engine pro tips to get you going – in January and beyond.

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So what is Veganuary anyway?

A quick Google Search shows that Veganuary is a non-profit UK initiative that inspires people to go vegan for January in the hope that some of them will become vegan permanently. As mentioned, Google South Africa Search trends data shows consistently high levels of search interest for the term ‘vegan’ over the past 12 months, with interest peaking in late December. But in the long run, the green-eating trend has grown by 350% since 2006.

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Where can I find vegan food in my area?

Google Maps has your back here – type ‘vegan food near me’ into the search bar for a list of vegan-friendly eateries you might like to try.

How do I cook vegan food?

YouTube is your friend – type ‘vegan recipes’ into the search bar for a wealth of channels dealing with what is and isn’t vegan, where to find it and how to cook it. For local advice check out Jolie Janine and Jiggliepoof. Start with our favourite – this protein-packed vegan chocolate bar and berry shake.

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What vegan brand options do South Africans have?

Google Search has all the answers – typing ‘vegan food brands South Africa’ into the search bar will return a vegan food directory as well as (literally) millions of other results including the last word on whether or not Jellytots and Salticrax are vegan (spoiler – the original varieties are).

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More Vegan Meals For You To Try:

Red Thai Veggie Curry (280g)


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Butternut Laksa Vegan Bowl (300g)


A healthy Malay-style noodle soup with broccoli, corn & red peppers, & a hearty sauce of coconut, butternut, peanuts & spices.

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Vegan Value Pack (20 meals)


In this Value Pack you will get: 3 Hearty Veg Soup 3 Butternut Laksa Vegan Bowl 3 Lentil Dhal Vegan Bowl 3 Spanish Bean Vegan Bowl 3 Thai Yellow Veggie Vegan Bowl 3 Thai Red Veggie Curry 2 Peanut Satay Mini Meal 1 Cooler Bag

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