How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

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There is nothing wrong with a little bit of caffeine in your life. In fact we’ve written about the benefits of drinking coffee before, but like all good things there is a limit – here’s a guideline on where yours might lie.

Caffeine content  various drinks

table Caffeine


The ideal amount of caffeine before a workout 

According to Louise Burke, author of Caffeine for Sports Performance, the benefits you experience from caffeine peak after consuming around 3 mg per kilogram of your own body weight.

In other words you want to limit yourself to 210mg if your weigh 70kg.

Or 310mg if you weigh 100kg


So how much caffeine is dangerous for you.?

According to Mayo Clinic 500 to 600 mg a day may start causing side effects. This is by no means a golden rule and differs from person to person however it’s about:

6.25 Red Bulls

5-6 cups of weak coffee  or 3 Cups of strong coffee

15 Cans of coke

But before you go downing 15 cans of coke, remember that there’s a host of other ingredients besides caffeine in all of the above drinks that are also pretty bad for your body if consumed in excess.



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