We Tested Healthy Ice Creams – These Are The 5 Best Under 250 Calories

Satisfy your cravings without sinking your progress.

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After rigorous, scientific, brain-freezingly thorough testing, we can definitively say that the best ice cream can be healthy. Although we have to admit this healthy ice creams testing wasn’t as scientific as the Japanese study that found eating ice cream as soon as you wake up actually makes you smarter.

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But whether your ice cream is made with whey protein or pea protein, cow’s milk or coconut milk, your ‘new week, new you’ mantra doesn’t have to spoil the fun. As long as you’re picking a tub that has fewer than 837 kilojoules (200 calories) and less than 20 grams of total sugar per 100g, you’re fine, says Valerie Goldstein, registered dietician and founder of Eating to Fuel Health.

Luckily, we’ve found five that hit those nutritional criteria. And we stopped just short of screaming for these winners.

Best Vanilla: Woolworths Carb Clever Vanilla

vanilla healthy ice creams

Coming in with the least kJs was a clear winner. Too many ice creams suffer from an overriding sweetness that overwhelms the vanilla. But this one? Whoooooooaaa baby. Vanilla! Vanilla! Vanilla! You don’t even need toppings.

Per 100g: 515 kilojoules, 3.8g protein, 7.6g fat, 9g carbs (4g sugar)

Find it at: Woolworths

Best Coffee: Phat Fox Coco-ccino Coffee

phatfox healthy ice creams

Looking to cut down on your dairy consumption while still enjoying a sweet treat? Phat Fox’s dairy-free coffee flavour will hit the spot. It might be over 837kJ (200 calories), but it’s still worth a mention. Unfortunately, as it’s one of their seasonal flavours, it’s not currently in stock, but we’re holding thumbs it will be soon!

Per 100g: 991 kilojoules, 2.5g protein, 24.7g fat, 5.3g carbs (2.01g sugar)

Find it at: phatfox.co.za

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Best Chocolate: Woolworths Carb Clever Chocolate

chocolate ice cream

The ice cream nerds at Woolworths figured out how to make an indulgent chocolate ice cream and still keep the kilojoules in check. The small 175ml serving means you can polish it off without guilt.

Per 100g: 526 kilojoules, 4.9g protein, 7.6g fat, 8.6g carbs (3.8g sugar)

Find it at: Woolworths

Best Peanut Butter: Skinny Scoop Protein Peanut Butter

peanut butter ice cream

The original protein-packed snack of gym bros, you either love peanut butter or you hate it. But this perfectly balanced salty and sweet treat could change any nay-sayer’s mind. Bonus? It contains 100% natural ingredients.

Per 100g: 740 kilojoules, 15.5g protein, 8.9g fat, 9.8g carbs (3g sugar)

Find it at: skinnyscoop.co.za

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Best Wild Card: Skinny Scoop Maca Maya Dark Chocolate & Maca

maca maya healthy ice creams

Both dark chocolate and maca have been touted for their long list of health benefits. This plant-based frozen dessert will divide the crowds, but it’s worth a scoop. With the lowest number of carbs of all these desserts, it’s also keto-friendly.

Per 100g: 710 kilojoules, 2.2g protein, 13.4g fat, 0.6g carbs (0g sugar)

Find it at: skinnyscoop.co.za

Beat The Freeze:

Ice cream too frozen to scoop? Put away the hacksaw, and run your ice cream scoop under hot water for ten seconds. Then scoop your favourite one of these healthy ice creams from the edges of the container, where – due to the packaging – the ice cream won’t be as hard.

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