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01/ Get-Big Mac
Waldorf Beef
Soften celery, onion and grated apple in a pan: it’ll add weight without extra fat. Mix with 500g of minced beef, a beaten egg, 
a sprinkle of tarragon and breadcrumbs for 
a protein payload. Scrunch together and split into eight patties. Then get grilling.

02 / Low-GI Slider
Sweet Potato
No meat, but plenty 
of slow-release energy. Bake three spuds for 40 minutes and mash. Now get your hands dirty: 
mix with sweet corn, garlic, paprika and honey. Bind with egg and breadcrumbs, as needed, and grill until crispy on the outside.

03 / Metabolic Whopper
Spicy Pork
Pork loin has less fat than many cuts of chicken. Mix 570g (minced) with ginger, curry powder and 
allspice – a triple hit for your metabolism. Add in a glug of apple juice and a handful of oats until the consistency thickens, then cook your burger 
and pig out.

04 / Kilojoule Pounder
Lamb and Mushroom
Each patty weighs 
in at 418 kilojoules lighter than shop-bought beef. Mix 570g extra-lean 
lamb mince, garlic, mushrooms, cumin, hazelnuts and a dash of Worcester sauce. Add the egg, hold 
the bread, grill 
and enjoy.

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