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You have all heard of “Meat Free Monday’s’. A Monday, or any day of the week, where people do not eat any meat and in doing so will cut down meat consumption on global level in the hopes of creating A More Sustainable Meat Industry. Well recently the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has launched a new pledge – “Factory Farm Free Friday’s”. This new pledge is a call for all consumers to boycott meat, eggs and dairy products from any factory farms for one day a week.

The pledge stems from the OCA’s “Cook Organic Not The Planet” Campaign that has been focusing on the destructive impact all these factory farms have on the environment, animal welfare and especially human health. Along with industrial industries, GMO agriculture and factory farms have also been seen to play a role in global warming.

“The factory farm model of food production is a disaster—for personal and public health, the environment and the animals it tortures,” said Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association
and its Mexico affiliate, Via Organica.

“What’s more, factory farms are a cornerstone of industrial agriculture, which spews more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire transportation industry,” he says.

There are factory farms that have CAFOs – Confined Animal Feeding Operations – where animals are crammed into very small places under unhealthy conditions. They are also injected with antibiotics and pumped full of growth hormones. The animal feed they use to fatten up the animals on factory farms comes from unsustainable grown crops, which have been genetically engineered to withstand huge amounts of toxic herbicides.

The UN Conference on Trade and Development in 2013 published the report “Wake Up Before It’s Too late,” asking for a shift away from an industrial agricultural model reliant on mono-crops and chemical inputs to a more sustainable and organic one. The OCA hopes that with this new pledge it will show consumers and focus their attentions to the growing link between factory farms that have been fueled by GMO crop-based animal feed and global warming. This might be away to encourage consumers to rather seek out more organic and grass-fed alternatives.

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