The Drone That Will Deliver You Coffee Plus Predict When You Need It

Coffee has never been more futuristic.

Chandre Davids |

Tech giant IBM recently revealed that they have patented a coffee drone that will be able to detect when you’d need your next caffeine fix.

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They say that the drone would do this by tracking your blood pressure, pupil dilation and facial expressions. The patent describes several variations on how it would deliver your drink. From dispensing the coffee directly into your mug, to collecting coffee and delivering it in a sealed bag. Alternatively, workers could simply summon the drone with a hand gesture.

At this point it’s unclear if they will actually be making the drone, but if they do, it’s bye-bye to lugging your tired self to the kitchen to get that much needed cup of Joe. In the meantime, you’re going to have to get your own coffee but not to worry – here are a few products that could make your daily caffeine grind a lot easier!

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