Do You Know Your Dirty Chai from a Miami Vice?

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Since the 29th of September was National Coffee Day and like any coffee lover, of course you probably celebrated by enjoying a few cups of milky flat whites or chocolaty café mocha’s.

Why would we blame you? As who could escape their deliciousness?

As we introduced you to ‘Porn in a cup’, however you probably drank many of those before but you were just unaware of what an Espresso’s nickname is.

Without further a due, here are other cool names of delicious coffee concoctions that could be new to you.

Red Eye

This has nothing to do with you getting on a late-night flight and where you arrive early the next morning. Its coffee with a shot of Espresso poured in, also known as ‘’a shot in the dark’’.

Black Eye

For a more intense wake-up call you could try this drink, which contains coffee with a double shot of Espresso.

Unless you’re in need of a triple shot of Espresso, then you should opt for the Green Eye which has coffee and a triple shot of Espresso poured in; nicknamed the “triple death”.

Café Zorro

This coffee drink has a 1:1 ratio of hot water and a shot of espresso which is poured in.


Most South Africans have had their coffee this way but had no clue that it has a special name to it.

No it is not a new, kinky sex position, it is a coffee drink; the Dirty Chai, has chai tea in it but with a shot of espresso poured in. Nicknamed the ‘’dirty hippie”.


Sounds a bit nasty but hopefully it tastes better than it sounds, as it has a mixture of coffee, Hong Kong style with milk tea; nicknamed “ying yong”.


A German drink that consists of, iced coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream; which sounds so delicious but beware of the calories.

Miami Vice

A mixture of Americano, Cubano coffee, hot water and sugar.

Now go out to your nearest coffee bar and watch them squirm when you ask for a‘’porn in a cup’’ or they might just catch you off guard by knowing exactly what it is.


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Alice Paulse