Our Favourite Healthy Shops That Will Deliver Food During Lockdown

The less you are outside, the lower the risk.

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With South Africa having officially entered lockdown, most people will want to minimise the amount of time they have to spend in the shops. That’s where businesses that deliver food straight to you come in. Not only do they make it convenient to get supplies, but they are also able to give you peace of mind as you won’t have to spend so much time in public places. But possibly the best part is that you will be supporting local businesses.

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Our April issue not only has our Meal Prep Awards but it also features a story that only requires you to spend 65 minutes cooking in order to get 20 dishes. Now that will have you covered for lockdown!

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Meal Prep

We Are Food

Of course, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always key. But what’s even better is being able to order frozen meals straight to your door. Being able to open your freezer and pull out a meal that’s just minutes away from being ready, if you don’t feel like cooking or are stuck with nothing in the fridge, is a major benefit during this time. We Are Food’s range of frozen meals is nutritious and packed with flavour and there is something to suit every diet.

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We would recommend ordering a few of their family meals to keep you (and your family) going.

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Best For: If you want to have an assortment of meals as a back up.


A lot of people are using the lockdown as an opportunity to learn a new skill. Why not kill two birds with one stone and learn to become a better cook by having all the ingredients and recipes delivered straight to you?

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Their health nut meals always taste great and won't ruin your gains.

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Best For: People wanting to develop cooking skills they otherwise wouldn’t learn.


FitChef is still delivering during lockdown if you live in Gauteng, the Cape, KZN or PE. They’ve got so many meals prepped, you won’t even have to think twice about losing progress during this time. They even have a 21 day challenge kit that you could order for this period and come out stronger and healthier. Check out what they have here.

Best For: Those who want to eat clean but don’t have the motivation to prepare meals from scratch.

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Daily Dish

One of our favourite ‘meal prep’ options, Daily Dish has different menus you can choose from. From family or express to fitness or vegetarian, these meals are extremely simple to make but the pack flavour. Check out what’s on the menu for next week here.

Best For: Busy people who want to cook quick, tasty meals.

Daily Dietitian

Daily Dietitian is a personalised healthy meal delivery company that delivers gourmet meals and snacks tailored to your unique needs. Yes, you fill out a questionnaire, they tailor-make your meals based on that and then deliver food straight to your door. Get started here.

Best For: Those who need some help on their health and fitness journey but don’t know where to start.

Pantry Staples

Faithful To Nature

This is a great place to order from if you’re wanting to replenish your pantry, not with junk you can buy from any grocery store aisle, but food that will really nourish you without a lot of the ‘bad things’ we tend to put in our bodies. You can expect organic date syrup, chickpea pasta and more.

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They are open but will only be delivering essential products: food, health, personal care and household cleaning.

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Best For: Getting your healthy and organic fix.

Macro Mixes

Of course, having the basics nailed is important, but you still need to indulge in some treats along the way. Macro Mixes have just relaunced (with compostable packaging) and include fan favourites like premixes for vanilla protein pancakes and protein banana bread. Order the tasty treats here.

Best For: Those wanting guiltless treats that still hit your macros.

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Buy Fresh

Buy Fresh have always been known for providing top-quality meat, but now they’ve extended their offering well beyond that. If you still want the feeling of going to your local butcher or bakery or favourite spot in your area, this is the place to order from. Check out what they have here.

Best For: People who live in Cape Town who want top quality produce.


Woolworths would probably be people’s go-to place to have their weekly groceries delivered. There’s a reason for that; they have great quality food and a large range, too. You can do your shopping here. At the moment their slots for new orders are extremely full, so if you can’t order from them, try one of these other options.

Best For: Getting your favourite things.


Checkers’ delivery oferring is known as Sixty60 and they’ve implemented numerous changes to ensure everyones healthy, safety and enjoyment during this time. They have limited orders to a maximum of 30 items and limited individual products to a maximum of three per customer. That’s great considering no one can stockpile and you won’t be met with an ‘out of stock’ notice on almost every product. Check out Sixty60 here.

Best For: Great food at a reasonable price.

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