Breakfast VS Dinner. Which Meal Is Mightier?

We serve up the nutritional stats on which plate to make your focus meal of the day.

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Whether to front-load or back-load your daily bread is an argument as old as time. We serve up the nutritional stats on which plate to make your focus meal of the day.


Early Bird Benefits: You can trick yourself into cutting 3766 kilojoules throughout the day by timing your breakfast immediately after a morning training session, according to the University of Scranton.

Today’s Special

Don’t Skip It

Ditching breakfast for a lie-in lowers your stocks of the reward chemical dopamine, making an afternoon sugar binge more likely, according to the University of Missouri.


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Weighting Game

Stacking 2900kJ in the morning and limiting your dinners to 800kJ helps you lose 2.5 times more weight than doing the reverse.


Worst Culprits

  • Diabetes risk
  • Not filling
  • Energy crash
  • Sugary cereal

Endorsements – Joe Wicks

“After I’ve smashed a HIIT session first thing, it’s important I refuel my body correctly with a proper breakfast”


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Supper Heroes: You can burn a total of 1000 grams of fat in two weeks, while also supporting post-workout muscle growth, all by tucking into a hearty evening meal, according to the University of Munich.

Today’s Special


Don’t Skip It

Forgoing dinner to cut your kilojoule intake causes a rise in cortisol, not only slowing your metabolism but also disrupting your sleep. – Psychomatic Medicine


Weighting Game

Make dinner your largest meal and you’ll find it easier to maintain muscle while dieting, resulting in a better overall body composition.


Worst Culprits

  • Microwave curry
  • Kilojoule bomb
  • Blood pressure spike
  • Packaging BPAs

Endorsements – Terry Crews

“Fasting between 10PM and 2PM the next day has kept me in truly great shape for the past five years”



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The MH Verdict

Breakfast Wins! The old proverb rings true. While porridge can’t compete with T-bone for taste, the importance of breakfasting like a king to maintain a healthy weight and set the tone for beneficial decisions throughout the day is incontrovertible. It pays to be a morning person, whichever way you slice it.

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