Our Top 6 South African Gin Picks, Plus How To Drink Them

There’s no shortage of SA brands putting out great tasting gins perfect for a G&T. These these are our top picks.

Dan Q. Dao & Kelleigh Korevaar |

There’s been an explosion in the gin game, but not every bottle will blow you away. Trust these six proudly South African gin picks – you don’t have to load in sugar-bomb mixers to make them taste great.

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Gin has multiple personalities. It’s floral and piney in one bottle, and bracing and peppery in the next. Use this local flavour guide!

The MH Gin Awards:

The London Dry: KWV Cruxland

This 100% grape spirit gin is made from 9 botanicals, including rooibos, and is infused with Kalahari truffles.

Three-word review: Extra smooth taste.

The Staple: Inverroche Classic

Handcrafted using 15 different botanicals, the Classic is crisp, clean and refreshing. You’ll get hints of spice from the coriander seed and cardamom pods, with fresh citrus dominating the nose and palate. It’s brought together with undertones of Cape fynbos, an SA gin brand favourite.

Three-word review: Dependable, powerfully delicious.

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The Crowdpleaser: Autograph Gin

We’re well-acquainted with London dry gins so a handcrafted African dry gin is something to get excited about. With notes of Angelica root, buchu amd lemony pelargonium crispum, we love that this gin is paving the way for African dry’s.

Three-word review: Versatile cocktail standard.

The New Kid On The Block: Muti Gin

This gin really is the muti for any troubles (or celebrations). The Western Cape botanical Ghô-kum blends with kusmalva, which is found along the Southern and Eastern Cape coasts of SA. Its sweet herbal taste adds depth to a silkysmooth burst of fresh, fruity flavours.

Three-word review: Rich, complex, refreshing.

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The Showstopper: Six Dogs Blue

Most gins are clear; it’s rare that you see a blue gin. What’s even more rare is when you add a good tonic to that gin – and it turns pink. Yes, that’s why this one is the showstopper. The blue colour is natural, from the blue tea plant, and the classic taste is enhanced by rose pelargonium. It’s a winner.

Three-word review: Wildly, wonderfully strange.

The Wild Child: Musgrave Pink Gin

This gin hits every flavour profile perfectly, with notes of cardamom, African ginger, rosehip and rosewater.

Three-word review: Spicy, exotic, soft.

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Have It In A Cocktail

Cuba Libre, Upgraded

Fill a shaker halfway with ice. Add 30ml light rum, 30ml gin, 25ml lime juice, and 2 dashes Angostura bitters. Shake and strain over ice into a highball. Splash with sugar-free cola and garnish with a lime wedge.

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