21 Best Snacks Recommended By Dietitians That Are Under 200 Calories

South Africa has the munchies! These snacks are high-fibre, high-protein, low-sugar and under 200 calories.

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South Africa has the munchies. There’s been massive growth in on-the-go snacking solutions, according to market research company IRI South Africa. Eating between meals is fine, and even good for you, as long as you pick high-fibre, high-protein, low-sugar options capped at 200 calories. Mindless eating can add unnecessary calories, and many ‘healthy’ snacks on the market are just junk with fancy branding.

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Remember that every time you think ‘I could use a snack’ is an opportunity either to improve your health or give in to junk.

To cut through the confusion and separate the probiotic chips from the legit, we asked three dietitians for their picks. Just to make sure, we taste-tested their selections to double-check that the award winners will help you fight hunger, build muscle and make your taste buds happy. Remember that every time you think “I could use a snack” is an opportunity either to improve your health or give in to junk. To help you choose, we’ve assembled a list of 22 ways to start snacking smarter right now without sacrificing flavour. Read up. Then eat up.

Andrea Papas, MSc Nutrition & Exercise Science and Head Coach of Spartan Nutrition Recommends…

Woolworths Mushroom Biltong

High in protein and fibre, it’s a nice snack, especially for the vegans and vegetarians out there, says Papas. Mushrooms are also the only source of vitamin D you will find in the produce aisle. Winner!

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On The Go Fusion Snack

Forest Fruits with a Swirl contains cashews, chocolate and cherries which are known to boost exercise recovery.

Woolworths Steel Cut Wholegrain Oats

Just 1/4 cup of dry steel cut oats contains 5g of fibre, about 20% of your recommended daily fibre intake.

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Montagu Beef Biltong Snapsticks

Biltong is a great source of Vitamin B12, which is known to help with muscle maintenance. “Jerky can’t compare,” says Papas.

Trigz Popped Chips

“If you’re craving chips but don’t want the calories, these have 50% less fat,” Papas says. Why? Because they’re popped and never fried.

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Alpro Soya Chocolate Flavour Drink

Trying to cut down on your dairy intake but not ready to give up chocolate milk? This is your guy. This chocolate flavoured drink is 100% plant based and free from artificial colours and preservatives. Naturally low in saturated fat and a great source of protein, it also has 30% less sugar. You can drink it as is or add it to your mid-afternoon smoothie as it only contains 61 calories per 100ml. Blend 100ml Alpro soya chocolate flavoured drink, some ice and a scoop of chocolate protein powder and you get a treat that should come in just under the 200 calorie mark.

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This Vegan Chocolate Hotcakes recipe uses Alpro Chocolate Drink.

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Peanuff Baked Peanut Puffs

“These make a great high protein snack, especially if you’re craving things like the famous cheese puffs… just without the cheese, less fat and they’re baked, not fried,” Papas says. They’re made from heart-healthy peanuts, fibre-full navy beans and slow-digesting rice.

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Authentikos Strawberry Yoghurt

“A refreshing snack that’s probiotic rich, high in protein and low in fat,” says Papas. Probiotics will help balance your digestive system.

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Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Shake

It delivers 25g of protein and has been designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein while being low in carbs at the same time.

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Herbivore Bio-Organic Kale Chips

“These are loaded with vitamins and minerals, contain no trans fats, no preservatives or colourants, are organic, and vegan friendly,” says Papas. Usually we might turn our nose up at kale but this is one of the best snacks you could get, even if you’re not a fan of kale.

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Monique Piderit, Registered Dietitian and dietitian for Nutritional Solutions Recommends…

Vital Mini Rice Cakes

Vital Rice Cakes are made with GMO-free wholegrain brown rice. The fibre in brown rice helps lower cholesterol and promote fullness.

Thistlewood Low GI Cranberry Fruit Biscuits

Vitamin C is one of the predominant anti-oxidants in cranberries. It’s essential for skin, muscles and bones.

Kelloggs Special K Bar

Coming in at just 97 calories per bar, these are made from popped rice, wheat flakes and oats with cranberries on a delicious yoghurt-coated base.

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Rugani Carrot Juice

Rugani carrots are harvested at sunrise and sunset, the juice is extracted and sealed. They capture all the carrot goodness that promotes heart health and raises the immune system.

Skinny Scoop Maca Maya Frozen Dessert

Maca Maya is a vegan dessert that beats all others (yes, even dairy ice creams). It’s dark chocolate and maca flavoured and, apart from being a wild card, is just damn delicious. Plus, studies suggest that maca root increases libido and reduces erectile dysfunction. And the fact that it comes in at under 200 calories certifies its spot in our best snacks list.

Woolworths KJ-Controlled Pop Crisps

Go for the salt and black pepper flavour. Black pepper extract has improved symptoms of degenerative brain diseases in animal studies.

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Simone Singery, Registered Dietitian and dietitian for Daily Dietitian Recommends…

Nature’s Choice Powerhouse Mix

Nutrient-rich, high in anti-oxidants and an excellent source of fibre, this mix contains almonds, blueberries, goji berries, pumkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It’s also preservative and GMO free, vegan and raw.

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Simple Truth Very Berry Protein Balls

Coming in at only 76 calories, these high protein balls are a great source of fibre. Plus, berries are loaded with antioxidants.

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FutureLife High Energy Peanut Butter Crunch Smartbar

This bar contains 40 nutrients, including 19 vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids. It’s also high-GI, so you’ll get a dose of fast-acting energy.

Nature’s Choice Cinnamon & Ginger Multiseed Clusters

The combination of cinnamon and ginger fortifies this snack into the healthy snacking hall of fame. Cinnamon helps with inflammation and ginger aids with digestion and appetite. So you’ll be giving your body a health kick with one delicious dose of snacking goodness.

Mini Babybel Cheese

This 100% real cheese snack is one of the best snacks if you don’t have a sweet tooth and is a great source of calcium and protein. Each serving is just 50 calories and you can pair it with your favourite cracker or pretzels.

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