Best Braai Sides

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Just because you’re manning the braai doesn’t mean your side dishes should be an afterthought, says Lang.

Make Better Mielies
Husk on or off? Split the difference: braai mielies in the husk so it steams in its own moisture, then pull back the leaves for some char. Bonus: the husk makes the perfect handle. Drizzle on a pesto for more flavour.

Make Better Slaw
Sprightly, fresh ingredients like apples are a good contrast with the deep flavours you often have coming off the braai says Lang. He recommends making the creamy dressing a day ahead to let its flavours develop.

Make Better Potato Salad
The key to great potato salad: tossing the hot potatoes with some dressing while they’re still hot and primed to absorb the flavour. To add some smokiness, toss chipotle sauce into the dressing, like Smoked Paprika and Chiptole Chilli Sauce R19, Woolworths.

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