Beer & Coffee Go Mouth to Mouth

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Both beer and coffee have been under scrutiny, however according to Medical Daily Pulse there are pros to these much loved drinks especially when it boils or brews down to creativity and execution.

Both alcohol and coffee have an effect on the brains cerebral cortex, which is responsible for language, conscious thought and interaction. Ever wonder why you feel more relaxed and chilled once consuming alcohol? That is the effect it has on your cerebral cortex which leads to you feeling less focused and more relaxed.

Coffee has the opposite effect on your cerebral cortex, that sudden surge of awareness or energy you feel 5 minutes after your first sip? – Yeah that is caused by caffeine when it binds with your receptors.

How the two go hand in hand?

Well, when your blood alcohol level reaches 0.07mg  which adds up to two drinks, creativity strikes. When caffeine collides with the receptors instead of adenosine you feel energised, hence why researchers believe that beer might give you the space to be creative in; but it is coffee that will help you follow through.

The Good

Beer unclutters your brain and makes room for deeper connections which could lead to great ideas.
Caffeine kicks in, providing you with energy and a kick-ass ability to focus.

The Bad

Drinking too much beer could decrease your memory, meaning that great idea you might have had; chances are you will not remember it the following morning.

Consuming too much caffeine also has it downfalls, as the more caffeine you consume, the more your body builds up a resistance and you will need to increase your caffeine intake just to get the same stimulation as before.

When to Indulge?

Have a cold one when you are searching for an idea.
Indulge in a good ‘cuppa’ once you have your idea and need to focus and get done to the work.

And The Ugly…

Drink too much of either? You could end up losing the benefits of both, so remember what Oscar Wilde said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation”.

All you need to remember is this:
Beer = The Idea Factory, Coffee= The Execution


Alice Paulse