Beat Parkinson’s With Veggies

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This study examined if eating vegetables in the Solanaceae family was associated with a lower risk of having Parkinson disease (PD). The idea is not that far fetched because previous studies found that smoking is associated with a lower risk of PD, probably due to the nicotine content of tobacco and vegetables in this plant family, such as peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, also contain nicotine. Researchers compared the intake of these vegetables among 490 people newly diagnosed with PD and 644 unrelated, neurologically normal controls. Overall, higher vegetable consumption was not linked to lower risk, but higher consumption of all edible Solanaceae was associated with a 19% lower relative risk of having PD. However, that finding was not statistically significant. When researchers looked at consumption of vegetables with greater nicotine content, the link between higher consumption and lower risk was stronger. There was a specific link between higher consumption of peppers and lower risk of PD. Consuming vegetables in the Solanacaea family had a greater protective effect on nonsmokers and smokers who smoked for fewer than 10 years. This is the first study to examine the relationship between dietary nicotine and PD risk. More research is needed confirm and extend these results, according to the authors.

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