This Bar Snack That Tastes Good And Boosts Your Gains In The Gym? Make It Now

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Lean Venison Scotch Egg

By Dom Hamdy & Oli Hiam, Scotchtails


6 Eggs
Handful Thyme Leaves
400g Venison Mince
1⁄2tsp Grated Nutmeg


1  Boil four eggs in salt water for exactly six min- utes and 15 seconds before transferring to a bowl of ice water. Leave them for five minutes, then dry, peel and dust with flour.
2  In a bowl, mix the thyme into the mince, season with salt and pepper and shape into four patties, before wrapping them around the eggs. You won’t miss pork – Purdue University found that meats similar to those eaten by Palaeolithic-era man have a better ratio of brain-boosting DHA-rich fats, so venison makes for a smart tweak to this pub grub staple.
3  Put some flour and nutmeg, two beaten eggs and the breadcrumbs into three bowls and coat the eggs in each one (in that order). Then double-dip in the eggs and breadcrumbs before shallow frying for 14 minutes. Serve hot – with a helping of smug. Serves 4

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