6 Things You Never Knew About Vitamins, But Definitely Should

Debunking the most common myths when it comes to your daily vitamins.

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Debunking the most common myths when it comes to your daily vitamins.

Every day we need to power 37 trillion cells in our body, pump 100 000 heartbeats, and keep a trillion nerves firing to boost our memories and maintain our cognitive skills.  We put our bodies and minds through their paces, day after day.  So, we have to ask “are our diets good enough?”

“46% of South Africans take some form of vitamins daily,” says Keynote Health’s Pharmacist, Anton Lawrenz. But are they taking enough? Too much? The wrong ones?  Vitamins are micronutrients or organic compounds that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. They are provided by our diet and are essential for life, and when everything is functioning correctly, we feel just right – not high, not low – just right. But, in today’s modern world, with lifestyle habits, stress, the need for convenience and food production as it is, it’s unlikely you are getting enough in your diet.

Enter supplements.

Or should we say “Enter the minefield of supplements”. There are loads of myths flying around with regards to what and how you should be taking them. So we asked Lawrenz to debunk the most common ones.

Myth 1: Taking a multivitamin can make up for a poor diet

Sorry, folks. A multivitamin can never make up for a poor diet. Nutrient-rich foods are still number one when it comes to getting those nutrients in. But let’s face it, very few people have a perfect diet so a top-up is advisable.

Myth 2: It’s impossible to overdose on vitamins

Yup, you most certainly can. Overdosing on the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) is dangerous. Too much vitamin A can give you dry, itchy skin, headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite, and, in pregnant moms, can lead to birth defects in their babies. Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity include decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting; and too much vitamin K can cause liver damage. So it’s essential you take the correct amount for you.

Myth 3: Vitamins give you energy

Vitamins only give you energy to the extent that vitamin deficiencies could result in low energy levels. And supplementation would then increase energy levels in such cases. Note, vitamins are not a stimulant.

Myth 4: Taking Vitamin C can prevent a cold

You get a runny nose and the first thing you do is dose up on Vit C, right? The theory here is that a deficiency could result in a compromised immune system which would make one susceptible to infection. So topping up with vitamin C will certainly help, but actually preventing a cold in the first place? Sadly, not.

Myth 5: No vitamins are lost if your food is frozen (and what about cooking?)

Fresher is better. Oxygen will destroy some vitamins so the longer they are stored after harvesting, the greater the extent of damage. On the other side of the um, vegetable, some vitamins are more susceptible to heat damage than others. When boiling food, water-soluble vitamins leach out into the water and when frying, fat-soluble vitamins leach out. Vitamin C is particularly vulnerable to cooking and Vit K and D3 are most stable.

Myth 6: You should always take vitamins on an empty stomach

Actually the opposite. Water soluble vitamins can be taken any time. Fat soluble vitamins are best taken with food as they require food for absorption and will reduce gastric side effects such as nausea or discomfort.

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