6 Must-Try Steak Cuts!

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By Markham Heid | Photographs by Christopher Testani

Filet mignon is overrated, says Joshua Applestone, founder of the Applestone Meat Company

1. Rib Eye

“The king of steak – I prefer it to sirloin because it has a little more fat,” Applestone says. Salt and pepper are the only spices it needs. “I love rib eye served with sweet potatoes,” he adds. “The flavours just seem to go well together.” Savour that luscious marbling.

2.Shoulder Top Steak
This is the cut your butcher keeps. It comes from the shoulder and tastes amazing, Applestone says. “Towards
its end there are lines of fat that spider down.” If you sear it over high heat, he says, “that fat melts in with the protein for a really rich bite that has good chew.”

3. Beef Heart
“When properly cleaned, beef heart is delicious,” Applestone says. It’s lean and gamey and can be tough if overcooked. Cube it, skewer it, brush it with a sauce you like, and then grill it to medium rare. (Whether or not you reenact the Temple
of Doom scene is up to you.)

4. Sirloin Flap
As the name suggests, this is the flap of muscle covering the sirloin. For that reason it’s rich with fat, but it can be tough if not cooked correctly. Cube the meat and sear it to medium rare in a hot pan, just a few minutes on each side. Serve with sautéed mushrooms or stirred into a curry.

5. Sirloin Top
Located just below the tenderloin, this lean-yet-still-succulent cut is ideal in tacos or burritos because it bites off easily when served in strips. Sear the cut whole, and then slice it. Because it’s lean, you’ll want to eat it with some fat (sour cream, avocado) to balance the flavour.

6. Tri Tip

Ask your butcher for this West Coast favourite, which is sliced from the bottom portion of the sirloin. It’s rich. It’s tender. It’s awesome served with cold salads that feature tangy cheeses like Parmesan. Grill it low and slow, cut it against the grain, and toss into a Caesar salad.

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