The 6 Protein-Packed Cheeses You Should Be Eating For Muscle-Building

Go ahead, enjoy this muscle-building, hunger-killing snack

Don’t be afraid to grab some cheese if you’re trying to build muscle – or lose weight. The latest news: a Danish study reports that a daily dose won’t raise your total or LDL cholesterol levels.

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“Even though full-fat cheese has more calories than diet versions, it keeps you satiated for a much longer time,” says Alan Aragon, a Men’s Health nutrition advisor. “Plus, it tastes a million times better.”

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Just be careful not to over indulge, because the calories can add up. Limit your cheese snacking to once in any given day – and know these stats.

Brie: 21g protein, 334 Calories

Goat: 22g, 364 Calories

Cheddar: 25g, 402 Calories

Gouda: 25g, 356 Calories

Provolone: 26g, 352 Calories

Gruyère: 30g, 413 Calories

(Protein and calories in 100 gram serving)

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