5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Whisky – And The Best 3-Ingredient Cocktail

Apart from tasting damn good, whisky comes with a ton of benefits. These five will have you smugly sipping on your drink telling your mates “I told you so”.

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Whisky is one of those things, you either love it or you hate it. But eventually, most guys learn to love it despite rolling their eyes when a whisky lover utters “you learn to love it” the first time they try it.

There’s something refreshing about making or ordering a no-fuss whisky on the rocks. And in recent years, the old-fashioned has become the drink choice of whisky connoisseurs and bearded hipsters alike.

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But apart from tasting damn good, whisky comes with a ton of benefits. These five will have you smugly sipping on your drink telling your mates who prefer carb and sugar loaded drinks “I told you so”:

Cancer Crusher

According to Dr. Jim Swan, whisky has the same anti-oxidants that help your body’s susceptibility to cancer as red wine. The bonus? This anti-oxidant is found in even greater amounts in whisky. Swan recommends people drink single malt whiskies to reap the benefits that come from its high content of ellagic acid.

Weight Watcher

It’s no surprise that alcohol is extremely fattening. It wouldn’t be called a beer boep if you got it from eating salad. But, if you’re trying to cut down on your calories, whisky is the way to go. Whisky has no fat and barely any carbs or sugar. That beer you’re drinking? It can pack around 15grams of carbohydrates.

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Diabetic Drink

The low-cal, low-sugar favourite barely changes your blood glucose levels which means it’s great if you are diabetic. According to a Harvard study, people who drink moderate amounts of whisky could prevent you from getting type-2 diabetes.

Cold Crusher

Okay, so maybe this one is well-known but it’s still a pretty important one. And in the colder months, when you feel that ache in your throat beginning, this is going to save you a trip to the doctor. Whisky is known for its ability to fight colds. You’ve heard of the hot toddy (whisky, hot water, lemon and honey) which dilates your blood vessels and improves circulation, making it easier to fight the infection off.

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Dementia Destroyer

Getting older comes with a whole host of potential diseases and issues. But luckily for you this tasty spirit can help keep dementia at bay. A 2003 case study found that people who drank one to six drinks a week (that’s called drinking in moderation, people), were around half as likely to suffer dementia that non-drinkers and those who drank between seven and 13 drinks a week. Moral of the story? You’ll reap benefits if you drink in moderation but as soon as you drink too much or too often, the opposite is likely to happen.

The craziest part? We’ve only just scratched the surface of why whisky is good for you. A quick google search and you’ll see studies from some of the best universities telling you why you should be drinking it.

Above is the why you should be drinking whisky, below is how you should be drinking whisky. Drink up!

Monkey Shoulder was voted the number one trending whisky in the world by the world’s 100 best cocktail bars. They’ve come up with the Monkey Shoulder Ginger Monkey cocktail, because your drink needs to taste and sound good.

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This cocktail showcases two of their most prominent flavour notes – soft ginger spice and orange peel . The Ginger Monkey blend is fuelled with fresh citrus flavour and fragramt Scotch notes. Sold? Us too! Here’s how to make it:

The Ginger Monkey

What You’ll Need

  • 50ml of Monkey Shoulder Whisky
  • 80ml of Dry Ginger Ale
  • Fresh Orange Wedge

How You Make It

 Fill the glass with ice and add the Monkey Shoulder whisky (R345, Buy It Here). Pour over the ginger ale and slowly stir (never shake) to mix. Top off with a juicy fresh orange wedge and you’re ready for lift off.

Take It To The Next Level

Get some decent ginger ale (or ginger beer). Trust us, it makes a difference.  Or slice a freshly washed ginger. Crunch it once between your teeth to release some spicy ginger flavour and throw this into your Ginger Monkey! You might want to give everyone their own ginger slice. We’re pretty sure we’re safe in saying no one will want your once-chewed ginger slice in their drink.


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