5 Festive Season Food Hacks To Stop You Eating ‘Til You Feel Bloated And Guilty

Follow these simple changes to avoid that festivity-induced food coma

Look, it’s okay to let loose at a holiday event and forget about counting calories, but stuffing yourself until you’re sick can be a serious buzzkill.

Follow these 5 pointers at your next holiday get-together to make sure you don’t end up sidelined on the couch.

Holiday Party Eating Tip: Avoid The Energy Drinks

We know the party is late, but don’t pound an energy drink.

People in a Northern Kentucky University study who drank alcohol mixed with a caffeinated beverage had a greater desire to drink more alcohol than those who had a decaf cocktail.

A Red Bull has 110 calories. A shot of liquor? About 100. You do the math.

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Holiday Party Eating Tip: Eat In A Quieter Room

People who ate while listening to loud noise consumed about 49 percent more food than those who were able to hear themselves chew, a Brigham Young study found.

The researchers dubbed this the “crunch effect.” Apparently, the sound of chewing may help your brain identify how much you’re eating.

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Holiday Party Eating Tip: Use Smaller Dinnerware

If you have the option at the party, choose a smaller wine glass.

People who sipped wine out of a standard 300-milliliter glass were less likely to have another glass of vino than those who sipped the same amount of wine from a 370-milliliter glass, according to a new study in the journal BMC Public Health.

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Holiday Party Eating Tip: Prioritise At The Buffet

When you select your food, prioritise two key components: protein and fibre.

The more of these nutrients you consume, the faster you’ll feel full, which will ultimately lead you to eat less overall.

What that means at the buffet: Seek out shrimp cocktail, meatballs, vegetables, devilled eggs, or cold cuts like turkey and ham.

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Holiday Party Eating Tip: Load Up On An Appetiser And Skip The Entree

Don’t feel as if you have to eat both the appetiser and the main course.

In fact, researchers at Drexel University found that people who ate a delicious appetiser rated their entree as less enjoyable than people who had a mediocre appetiser.

If you know you enjoy a particular app, put it on your plate and treat it like a meal.


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