14 Sugar-Free Desk Drawer Treats For When Those Sugar Cravings Kick In

Caving to your sugar cravings can be guilt-free with one of these sugar-free sweets. And they are work-desk-friendly, too.

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It’s no secret that sugar is bad for you; there have been hundreds of studies that have shown that. But most of us think that consuming sugar is a necessary (and enjoyable) evil. After all it’s in almost everything; even foods like tinned tomatoes are packed full of sugar.

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It’s even worse if you have a sweet tooth! Each bite feels like you’re selling your soul, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are so many brands available in South Africa right now that are making sugar-free sweets to beat those cravings. And they all taste sinfully good without the any of the guilt. Here are 14 you need to sneak into your desk, according to the different types of sugar substitutes they contain:

Sugar Substitute: Honey

Honey is a classic natural sugar replacement that we can get behind. And that’s thanks to its countless benefits. Honey is rich in antioxidants and is known to lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol. Plus, it’s delicious! These treats made the cut.

1. Gayleen’s Decadence Mint Chocolate Mini Slab

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Rad Review: “Split it with a friend.. And we both agreed; it's divine. I would think that the mint is probably the best flavor in Gayleens range.” - Sabeeha

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2. Native Raw Honey Chocolate-Coated Cranberries

What takes a desk drawer snack from good to great? Beyond flavour, it’s the resealable bag so you don’t have to worry about your snacks going stale. These chocolate-coated cranberries hit the right spot.

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Rad Review: “These are my absolute favorite dairy free treat!” - Nicole

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3. Nanuki Brownie Bomb Cookie Dough

This brownie bomb, packed with 6 different superfoods, is a guilt free cocoa treat coated in a chocolate shell, with a soft, doughy centre.

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Rad Review: “Very surprised at how great this tastes. Will buy again.” - Evangelique

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4. Gayleens Turkish Rose Soft-Centred Bar

Made with dark chocolate and raw honey, the soft Turkish rose centre is flavoured with real essential oil and coloured with beetroot. This natural sweet treat is the perfect bar to keep in your drawer for when you need to grab and go.

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Rad review: “Tastes like the real deal. Very yummie and creamy centred goodness.” - Carmen

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5. MoonBean Unbakery Vanilla Bean Cookie Bites

These cookie bites are handmade using nut butters and raw honey, and enriched with natural vitamin E.

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Rad Review: “Very tasty and not to sweet. Would repurchase, I especially love the vanilla flavour.” - Ragani

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Sugar Substitute: Sweetener

6. Gracious Bakers Chocolate Biscuits

These chocolate biscuits are made without any of the hollow carbohydrates and sugars, and are instead sweetened by erythritol.

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Rad Review: “These taste good and get a thumbs up for me when you need a gluten-free treat.” - Tania

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7. Sparx Sugar Free Fruit Candies

Sweetened with 100% xylitol, SparX are delicious, colourful, and good for your teeth.

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Rad Review: “I really enjoy these as a treat - great flavours and very addictive!” - Abigail

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8. Theonista Sugar Free Ginger Beer

With the unique flavours of organic rooibos and fresh lemon, this ginger beer is naturally sweetened with stevia and xylitol.

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Rad Review: “It’s sooo good. It’ll definitely be a regular for me. It’s hard to find low carb products that taste this good.” - NKM

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Sugar Substitute: Plants

There are many different plants that are being used as sugar-substitutes as more people try to find natural replacements. We’re big fans.

9. Monate Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter Bonbon Truffle

Monate uses ethically sourced ingredients so when you’re snacking on this your body will be happy and so will the environment.  It’s made from handmade chocolate and peanut butter with raw and certified organic ingredients and it’s vegan friendly.

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Rad review: “Rich chocolate flavour, soft texture at room temperature and absolutely divine!” - Jyotika

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Sugar Substitute: None

Having a tasty product that contains no added-sugar is just as rare as it is rewarding. These treats pass the test with flying colours.

10. Earthshine Macadamia & Date Cacao Cookie

The sweetness comes from the dates that this cookie is made with. Plus, it also contains spirulina, wheatgrass and kelp.

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Rad Review: “Love em! Packed with all sorts of superfoods and sugar free!!! No junk in here.” - Noelster

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11. Superfoods Raw Chocolate Zero Added Sugar

This chocolate is not only guilt-free, it’s actually really good for you too. We’re not talking about the “cocoa is a bean, beans are vegetables, vegetables are good for you” argument. We’re talking 65% dark, raw cacao, 35% superfoods and superherbs and 100% delicious. It’s got ingredients of goodness we can’t even pronounce; mesquite, lucuma fruit, hemp, baobab fruit, maca root, moringa leaf and spirulina.

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Rad review: “My grandma has diabetes but still loves eating sweets no matter how I try to convince her otherwise, hence this is a great alternative to sugared chocolate. A huge added bonus is that I'm also sneakily supplementing her with superfoods! I eat it too, since it tastes great!” - Gabs

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12. Sarah Graham’s Bliss Power Ball

This perfect pre-workout snack has been formulated by Sarah Graham, South African food blogger and cookbook author. The power ball is a natural energy booster containing ingredients that help repair the body, support brain function, balance blood sugar levels and defend against fungal and bacteria. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and high in natural protein and fibre.

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Rad review: “I was never a big fan of dates but know they are super healthy. This is a tasty treat I would eat anytime!” - KomboKitten

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13. Fruit Bowl Raspberry Peelers

Fruit Peelers are made of 100% fruit with no added sugar, making them the ultimate mid-afternoon no-chocolate treat.

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Rad Review: “I tried to eat this slowly but alas i failed, this little bugger was too delicious.” - Kalai

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14. Cocomi Simply Raw Baked Coconut Chips

These raw coconut chips are full of fibre and healthy fats. Plus, they contain no added-sugar OR salt.

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Rad Review: “A really delicious snack. I love coconut-anything and these are very good. A bag lasts a while because just a little bit is very satisfying.” - Deeeee

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