Your World Cup Teams Nicknames

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Algeria – “Les Fennecs”
It honors their national animal. The small, nocturnal foxes that is native to North Africa.

Argentina – “La Albiceleste”
It means “The White and Sky Blue” that refers to their famous stripped kit.

Australia – “The Socceroos”
They just combined “soccer” and “kangaroos” very kooky indeed.

Belgium – “The Red Devils”
Not to confuse them with Manu the Belgium squad was coined the name by a journalist in 1906 after three “devilish” wins just two years after been formed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Zmajevi”
This is thanks to a commentator who called their players “zmajevi” which means “dragons” in 2010. The name was then stuck to the team since.

Brazil – “Seleção”
Meaning “the selection” because it is what Brazilians call every soccer team. They are also known as the “Canarihno” which means “Little Canary” due to the bright yellow uniforms.

Cameroon – “The Indomitable Lions”
This nickname is a gesture towards the country’s lion preservation efforts.

Chile – “La Roja”
Simplicity at its best as the name refers to their red uniforms.

Colombia – “Los Cafeteros”
It loosely translates to “one who makes and drinks coffee” therefore apt for the countries biggest export being; yes you guessed it, coffee.

Costa Rica – “Los Ticos”
The nickname given to you if you are a native Costa Rican.

Croatia – “Vatreni”
This means “The Blazers” and is a reference to both the passion of the players and fans. They are also known as “Bilic’s Boys” because of head Coach, Slaven Bilic.

Ecuador – “La Tricolor”
Refers to the three colours of their flag: Blue, red and yellow.

England – “The Three Lions”
It’s about the rich history of England dating back to Richard the Lionheart who was king from 1189 to 1199. The three lions features on the team crest as well as the Royal Arms of England.

France – “Les Bleus”
Blue is the colour that dominates the French kit and is also the nickname for most teams across French sport.

Germany – “Die Mannscaft”
German efficiency at its best. The nickname means “The Team”.

Ghana – “The Black Stars”
Referencing the sole black star on the national flag just as the players are all stars to their fans.

Greece – “Ethniki”
Meaning “national” but they are also known as “Piratiko” after being christened that name by a Greek radio broadcaster during the opening ceremony of UEFA Euro 2004.

Honduras – “Los Catrachos”
This is a name given to native Hondurans as it was derived from General Floencio Xatruch who fought an American insurrectionist’s attempts to reintroduce slavery and his men were called “xatruches”, which then became “catruches”, and so on.

Iran – “Team Melli”
Simply means “national team”.

Italy – “Azzurri”
It means “the blues” even though the national flag has no blue it was however the colour of House Savoy which unified Italy in 1861.

Ivory Coast – “Les Elephants”
They are called this due to their part in the 19th century Ivory Trade. Elephants have ivory tusks for those that are slow.

Japan – “Samurai Blue”
Honoring both their blue uniforms and the country’s historical warriors.

Mexico – “El Tri”
This nickname conjures up a very intense national pride of the three colours on the Mexican flag.

Netherlands – “Oranje”
Made famous for their orange kits yet the colour is not even on their national flag but refers to the colour of the old Dutch Royal family: House of Orange-Nassau.

Nigeria – “The Super Eagles”
Trying to get one up on Cameroon, The Indomitable Lions, after being defeated by them in the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations finals.

Portugal – “Seleção das Quinas”
It means “The Selection of the Shields which refers to the five shields (quinas) and the five dots within each shield (the bezants) on their flag.

Russia – “Sbornaya”
Not too original, we have seen it many times before, but it means “National Team”. But pronounce it in Russian and boy does it sound powerful.

South Korea – “Taegeuk Warriors”
“Taegeuk” refers to the symbol on the South Korean national flag that represents a spiritual balance like that of China’s yin and yang symbol.

Spain – “La Furia Roja”
“The Red Fury” comes from firstly the red colour of the kit and secondly of how |Spain use to play with its direct, aggressive and spirited style in the 1920’s that as seen as a fury on the pitch.

Switzerland – “La Nati”
Short and to the point, “La Nati” means “The National Team” in French and because there are so many languages spoken in the country they are also known as “Schweizer Nati” in German and “Squadra Nazionale” in Italian.

Uruguay – “La Celeste”
Not like Argentina’s La Albicelste, but is equally as beautiful when spoken and refers to the teams sky-blue uniforms.

USA – “The Yanks”
They are the only team that doesn’t have an official nickname but in the past they were known as “The Yanks” which probably has something to do with Yankee Doodle. Other names floating around include “The Stars and Stripes” or “Team USA”.