Your Wings Have Arrived! Use This Playlist to Smash a PB at the World Run This Weekend

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This post is sponsored by Wings for Life; written by Thamar Houliston, image supplied

Hit a slump? Find your rhythm with this playlist from the Wings for Life World Run 2017.

Did you know that listening to music while running could boost your performance by up to 15%! This is according to Dr Costas Karageorghis author of Inside Sport Psychology, who says, “Music is a legal drug for athletes”.

So why not use this legal drug to help you run faster in training and smash that PB once your next race comes around.

This playlist from the Wings For Life World Run ( features some of the hottest songs in the current charts and has some upbeat songs to get you moving faster than ever. It has a high tempo, constant rhythm and uplifting lyrics – all the ingredients to inspire. Plus it includes tracks with a tempo of 150 to 190 beats per minute, which is ideal for those who like to run one step per beat. Get the playlist below…

Wings for Life World Run Playlist

Want to watch the Wings For Life World Run 2017 live? Watch below on Sunday 7 May from 1pm.  

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