Your Best World Cup Ads

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DirecTV – Welcome To The World Cup
This outstanding ad is directed by famous Oliver Stone to promote DirecTV Latin America’s coverage. It has Stone sitting on the sidelines in his director’s chair like he would be sitting on set while watching a game. He calls cut. The action stops. The players and fans are actors. He is producing a cinematic version of the game. He wants more intensity, more passion, more flags in the stadium, more people, more action and more stars. These stars are in the form of Auguero, Luiz and Falcao – all of which represent the Latin America countries – the ad continues with scenes of magnitude, emotion and passion that can be demonstrated and felt during the World Cup.

Emirates – Hello Tomorrow
It’s a classic tale of futures past. We follow Christiano Ronaldo walking through the new Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge showing of its stylish features. Two fans sit shocked across from Ronaldo at the bar and whisper to each other about who they can’t believe it is. Ronaldo thinks they are talking about him and starts to feel smug. The fans then proceed to say how this legend has won three World Cups. Ronaldo looks confused when from behind him appears the great and powerful Pele. Pele laughs at him, Ronaldo just shakes his head and smiles. Then another fan approaches them both and asks Pele to take his and Ronaldo’s photo not even acknowledging the mighty Brazilian. Ronaldo winks at Pele and again they chuckle. Emirates are connecting every fan of the game to footballing greats.

Beats By Dre – The Game Before The Game
This ad features not only great footballing stars like Neymar, Fabregas, Suarez and Sturridge to mention a few – there are many – but also non-sporting celebrities like Minaj, Lil Wayne and Serena Williams with cameo appearances. It starts off with a conversation between Neymar and his old man who tells him that today is important and he must run like it is his last day, run for his family and friends, run for his life but most of all enjoy the game and don’t hold back. An epic beat – ‘Jungle’ by Jamie N Commons and The X Ambassadors – is dropped as Neymar puts on the new Solo2 Headphones, available in six colours, after getting off the team bus. The ad chronicles players preparations, the mental game before the actual physical game, like praying or kissing a lucky item. It Even follows the fans prep to watch the matches around the world. The beat is sick and really gets the blood pumping.

ESPN – Global Issues
This ad is brilliantly done and does not even have any fancy superstars to make it good. It follows a series of different fans from different countries all conversing about the World Cup and who are their picks for wining teams and best players are, who to watch out for and it ends with a British man in an elevator who says ‘and if we go to penalties, we are doomed.’ every English supporters nightmare. It is funny and makes you feel apart of the conversation you would have with someone about the tournament. “Every four years the conversation starts again”

Adidas – Brazuca
Brazuca is the official match ball for the World Cup. This ad introduces it to the world. It shows the ball used in many settings from official games with big star players to guys playing with it on the beach. The ball is shot from different angles and has even incorporated the perspective of how the ball sees things whilst being kicked around. It even has its own Twitter account. More than 1 million Brazilian fans voted for the name as it is used by Brazilians in describing national pride, the Brazilian way of life, which mirrors their approach to football. Brazuca symbolizes emotion, pride and good will to all.

McDonalds – GOL!
Who says only footballing stars have skills? This ad shows the talented trick shots of normal fans. Trick shots of epic proportions where moves with a football are just too good to be true. Highlights include trick shots from a moving truck over a bridge and into a bucket two meters ahead of the guy or a sexy girl in heels doing around the worlds better than Ronaldo. Even though McD’s and fitness don’t go together this tricky ad is great.

Adidas – The Dream
Open on Messi in slumber. It looks like he is having a dream. This ad has the intensity of a Game Of Thrones trailer but with footballs instead of dragons. Featuring Suarez, Ozil and Van Persie to mention a few it revels in the dream world of Messi and how he runs through the opposing team wanting to score. Montaged with skills and tackles and shots of other players it really gets the blood pumping. It ends with Messi waking up from the dream. You have to be “All In Or Nothing”

Nike Football – Winner Stays On
When you were a kid growing up playing a game in the park was always a weekend standard. Everyone wanted to play like his or her footballing idol. This ad takes that childish fantasy and turns it into reality. The two captains agree to winner keeps the pitch. The first captain says he is going to be Ronaldo whilst the other Neymar and they actually become them. The game continues with skills and tricks, tackles and passing as legends like Rooney, Hazzard, two Luiz’s, Pirlo with a ball to the face and him actually watching from the stands glad it wasn’t him, Zlatan and even the Incredible Hulk as keeper takes the shape of other teammates as they call the names out. The small park turns into a huge stadium filled with fans. The game heats up and there is a penalty to decide it. Ronaldo steps up. The whole world goes silent. Another teammate steps up and pushes Ronaldo aside to take the kick. Fans are stunned. He scores and they go wild again. The ad must also be given praise for working Ronaldo’s girlfriend and Kobe Bryant into the mix with cameos. In the world of football you have to “Risk Everything”

Adidas – Samba Collection
This ad combines the Brazilian inspired Samba into football. It is like a music video with trippy colours and flashing lights (Epileptics beware). A ravers world of top class players doing skills and shots in workouts and training. All in tune with the music. The video skips back and forth, jerks and scratches like a DJ doing samba mixes in the club. It also incorporates everyday lives of Brazilians doing their jobs for the World Cup itself. Even hot samba dancers –something not to be missed. The ad is focused around the new footballing boots (Samba Collection) launched by Adidas in those trippy colours. “Game On Or Game Over”

Nike Football – The Last Game
When you though it couldn’t get better they find away to blow your mind even more. Their latest installment in the “Risk Everything” campaign, Nike has unleashed its creative genius in creating a short-animated piece that features stars like Ronaldo, Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta, Luiz, Tim Howard, Neymar and Ribery. This concept was daring because it doesn’t have any star in the actual flesh. The concept follows our superstars and how a mad scientist uses them to clone better versions of themselves because he feels that real players make to many mistakes and risks on the field. The clones start to dominate the game. Our stars have to leave the footballing world and end up in normal jobs. Neymar is a hairdresser who is obsessed with selfies and Ronaldo works as a mannequin in a clothing store. It is all very funny. The fans begin to stop watching the game that has become boring thanks to the clones. Eventually Brazilian Ronaldo goes on a mission to round up the real stars to battle the clones in a last game ever. Loser quits the game for good. And our real stars “Risk Everything”, do what they do best and dazzle the clones into defeat with their trickery, skill and talent. It is like a Pixar movie that makes you want to watch a full-length production of it. A great change of pace from Nike to celebrate this glorious game that is football

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