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Surfers need to be strong, flexible and fit. Frank Solomon uses this three-part plan from his strength and conditioning coach Mike Watson to build total-body power and agility.

1. Hard Roll

Lie on your back, arms outstretched. Tense your core, bring your right elbow to your left knee. Hold that position, then roll to the left until your knee touches the floor. Repeat on the other side. Reps: 10 per side.

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2. Half-Kneeling Pallof Press

Use a band or cable to create load. Start in a kneeling lunge position, with hips and shoulders level. Pull the handle to your chest, pause, then press straight out in front of you, making sure there’s no rotation or shift in your torso. On the last rep (the 10th one) lock your arms out and move backwards and forwards in a hinging motion for 10 reps, making sure your hips stay level the whole time. Time: 10 reps per leg, then 10 reps of hip hinges.


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3. Half-Kneel Ball Chop

Grab a medicine ball (about 5kg), and start in a half kneeling position parallel to a wall. Place outside leg forward. Throw the ball using a chopping motion across the front of your body. Reps: 15 per side.

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4. Hip Aeroplane

Stand on one leg and hinge back, weighted leg flexed at least 20 degrees. Rotate opposite hip up, then close your hip off and drive your pelvis down towards the opposite knee. Reps: 10 per leg.

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5. Half-Kneeling Bottom-Up KB Press

Assume the half kneeling lunge position. Grab a kettlebell in opposite hand to your lead leg. Flip the bell over so that the bottom of the kettlebell faces up. Create tension in
your core and squeeze your glutes. Press the kettlebell overhead while keeping your torso stable and upright. Reps: Do 8 to 12 per leg.


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