Try This 9-Move Workout From The MH 2018 Cover Guys For Cover-Guy Muscle

The competition is on for our potential 2019 Cover Guys. So why not train the way those who've been successful do? This workout is a great start!

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Being a Cover Guy for Men’s Health takes some serious hard work and these guys would know, they all graced our covers last year. If you want to be the next MH Cover Guy, why not train the way those who’ve been successful do? And once you’re done with this workout, head on over to our Cover Guy competition and enter here! But hurry, entries close on 10 September!)

Mandla Dube (May 2018 Cover Guy) – Barbell Back Squat


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Mandla Dube went from fat to flat and that’s what landed him on our May 2018 cover. After playing for the Sharks Rugby Union and breaking his leg he lost all hope and gained tons of weight. He reached a breaking point towards the end of 2014 and has dropped 20kg. Now that’s some serious motivation.

Do It: Position your feet just wider than your shoulders and turned slightly outwards. Place the bar the back of your shoulders and not over your neck. And then squat down, keeping the descent well controlled. It should take you longer than four seconds to get down, (but rise quickly). Your back must be straight. Pause. Keeping your head up and looking straight ahead, return to start position.

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Werner Kok (August 2018 Cover Guy) – Pistol Squat


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Werner Kok is a 25-year-old South African Sevens rugby player and our August 2018 Cover Guy! At age 22, he was named the World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year, so you can bet he knows what he is doing.

Do It: Stand and lift one foot off the floor. Straighten that leg forward. Bend your standing knee; lower your torso until your butt nearly hits the floor. Stand back up. Swap legs and repeat.

Weston Boucher (July 2018 Cover Guy) – Kettlebell Swing


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At 39, Weston Boucher is in the prime of his life; he’s never looked better or been fitter. If you find yourself too busy and making excuses, he recommends training more efficiently; circuit based training to combine cardiovascular and resistance training.

Do It: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the kettlebell on the floor slightly in front of you and between your feet. Bending slightly at the knees, grasp the kettlebell and pull it back between your legs. Drive your hips forwards and straighten your back to send the kettlebell up to shoulder height. Let the bell return back between your legs. That’s 1 rep. Shoot for 50 reps in 2 minutes.

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Michael B. Jordan (June 2018 Cover Guy) – Barbell Bench Press


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Michael B. Jordan has had more magazine and screen time that we can name, and that’s thanks to putting in the hours. Celebrity trainer Corey Calliet, who’s been working with Jordan since 2015,  believes in going back to basics. “[We do] a lot of old-school bench presses, lat pulldowns, deadlifts — nothing fancy, just really contracting the muscle,” Calliet says. “We lift heavy — a lot, a lot of times.”

Do It: Lie on a flat bench and hold a barbell above your chest using an overhand, shoulder-width group. Bend your elbows and lower it to your chest; press it back up. That’s 1 rep.

Lee Phillips (April 2018 Cover Guy) – Medicine Ball Slams


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Lee Phillips is a firefighter who needs to be fit and strong so that he cannot only save lives, but make sure he gets out of burning buildings alive, too. Our 2018 April Cover Guy is a real-life hero, with the 42-year-old sharing his workouts on his Instagram page, too.

Do It: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and a non-bounce medicine ball held overhead. Whilst exhaling and contracting your abs, throw the ball down to the ground in front of your feet with as much force as possible. Keep your ab muscles engaged, pick the ball from the floor and lift the it back to starting position. That’s 1 rep.

Thom Evans (March 2018 Cover Guy) – Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk


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Getting your body fat into single digits is no easy feat. But Thom Evans has a body fat of 5%. He loves lower body HIIT circuits because they waste no time in pushing you to your edge. His 3 rules? 3 litres of water, 8 hours of sleep and cutting back on sugar.

Do It: Stand with a dumbbell in each hand; let your arms hang naturally. Now walk forward, tightening your core and maintaining some tension in your middle back. As you walk, focus on standing tall; don’t lean forward or hunch your shoulders. Also, concentrate on keeping your shoulders back and opening your chest.

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Johry Batt (February 2018 Cover Guy) – Biceps Curl

Johry Batt won our Cover Guy competition in 2012 and made the cover, a dream come true for the fitfluencer. Ever since, he’s been working harder than ever and has opened up his own gym. If there’s one guy who knows how to work hard to get on our cover, it’s Johry. He started off just like every other Cover Guy entry. You can enter Cover Guy here and who knows? Maybe you’ll be on the December cover.

Do It: Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length. Keep your elbows close to your torso and rotate the palms of your hands until they are facing forward. This will be your starting position. Now, keeping the upper arms stationary, exhale and curl the weights while contracting your biceps.

Trevor Lagerway (January 2018 Cover Guy) – Box Jumps


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Box jumps are a great addition to any workout so next time you’re feeling like you need to give yourself a challenge. Add these into your set.

Do It: Stand in front of the box with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend into a quarter squat and swing your arms back, then swing them forward and explode up off the ground. Land on the box as softly as possible. If you land in a deep squat rather than a quarter squat, it’s a sign that you’ve picked too high a box. Then jump back down still aiming to land as softly as possible.

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