Train To Do A Toe-Tap Push-Up With These Three Workout Moves

You'll be doing the insane workout move in no time.

Nadim Nyker |

Obakeng Soke won our April #MHBeastmode competition with an insane toe-tap push-up. The competition, which partners with Scitec Nutrition to seek the best local athletes and their fitness videos on Instagram, saw Obakeng show off his athletic capabilities.

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Lucky for you, he gave us the exact workout he used to develop the strength needed to perform the winning move. Want to do a toe-tap push-up? Here are the workout exercises you should be doing.

1. Explosive Clap Push-Up

Start in a regular push-up, placing your hands underneath your shoulders. Lower your chest to the floor while keeping your body rigid. Explode off the ground, bringing your palms together for a clap. Land back in the start position.

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2. Leg Raise

Position yourself between two bars set shoulder-width apart. Lock your elbows, and while keeping your legs straight, raise them to hip level and hold for a second. Then slowly lower your legs back down.

3. Pike Exercises

Lie on your back in a hollow rock position. Lock your legs together and slowly bring your arms and legs together while engaging your core. Extend your arms past your legs. Pause, then slowly bring your arms and legs back to the starting position.

Check out Obakeng’s insane toe-tap push-ups below:

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