Pack On Size With This Hardcore Upper Body Workout

A muscle-building routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

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This workout is proof that a muscle-building routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. In fact, you’ll love the simplicity with which it systematically crushes your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Chances are, it’ll challenge your upper body “pushing” muscles like never before. For gains like never before.

How To Do It:
Perform this workout one night a week for four weeks straight.

Each of the exercises below has its own set of instructions. Make sure you finish all your reps and sets for one movement before moving on to the next one. Finish off the workout with an optional 20 to 30 minutes of cardio of your choice.

1. Barbell Pause Bench Press

Choose a load that you can press for about 6 to 8 repetitions max. Then perform 2 to 3 reps every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 20 minutes straight. If you complete the reps before the end of the minute, rest until the next minute begins.

Once you can do 3 reps EMOM for 20 minutes straight, increase the load by 5 pounds or 5 percent.

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2. Dumbbell Single-Arm Overhead Press

Grab a 10 kg dumbbell. Perform 10 reps EMOM for 10 minutes. Do all 10 reps on your left side, and then rest the remainder of the minute. When the next minute begins, switch arms and do all 10 reps on your right side. Alternate sides every minute.

Once you can do 10 reps per side for 10 minutes straight, increase the load by 2kgs.

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3. Tempo Push up

Do 5 rounds of the push up. Each round is one minute long followed by a one-minute rest (10 minutes total). Follow the prescribed tempo for each round below. Try to complete as many reps in a minute that the tempo will allow.

Round 1: Eccentric (3-1-1)
Lower for 3 seconds-pause for 1 second at the bottom-lift for 1 second

Round 2: Isometric (1-3-1)
Lower for 1 second-pause for 3 seconds at the bottom-lift for 1 second

Round 3: Concentric (1-1-3)
Lower for 1 second-pause for 1 second at the bottom-lift for 3 seconds

Round 4: Continuous
Lower for 2 seconds and lift for 2 seconds without pausing at the bottom or top

Round 5: Max Iso
Lower down into the bottom of a push up so your chest hovers just above the floor. Now hold this position for a minute or for as long as possible.

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4. Bear Crawl

Do a bear crawl for 10 minutes. You can perform this a couple of different ways:

Option A: Do it for 10 minutes straight, only resting when needed.

Option B: Perform 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Every week, add a second of work and remove a second of rest to these time periods.

Watch Gaddour perform each exercise in the instructional video below.

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