Relieve Stress During Lockdown With This 60-Minute At-Home Yoga Class

All you need is a quiet space.

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Yoga has long been known for its health boosting benefits. Previous studies have shown that consistent yoga practice helps improve flexibility, balance and joint health. The mind-body practice has also been shown to help reduce stress.

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These health benefits are a few reasons why many practitioners incorporate it into their lives. It’s especially relevant now as the world struggles to adapt to its current reality in lockdown. “Lockdown has been a pertinent and powerful reminder of how little control we have in life,” says yoga instructor, David Gardner. “The only thing we can really change is our own response to life. Yoga, through its process of self-reflection and realisation, empowers you to become aware of your unconscious reactions and shift them to conscious responses. Allowing you to live your life with awareness of what you can change, and the contentment necessary to accept what you can not.”

To help you deal with your anxious thoughts, we asked Gardner to create an at-home yoga class that you can practise whenever and wherever you are. “The class offers an opportunity for each individual to have some time and space to deeply listen to what their body needs to wake up and set the tone for their day, or to ease into the evening and release the pressures of the day,” he explains. “This practice allows each individual to let go and process mental & emotional pressures, relieve stress and create a sense of powerfully calm clarity.”

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At-Home Yoga Class Instructions

Gardner says to ensure the practise is beneficial, do this mellow flow yoga class at a time when you’re able to focus fully on what you’re doing. “Whether that is at the beginning, middle or end of your day, fit it in and make it work.”

He also recommends doing it daily if possible. “Set yourself the goal of doing it everyday (either every morning or every evening) for three months. Consistency is key to reaping what you sow.” If this is not possible, try to do it as often as your schedule allows it.

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“You will feel different each time you do it,” Gardner explains. “The practice is the same, but we change. Depending on stress levels, how you slept, what you ate or didn’t eat, how work or your lack of it is going, what you did the day before etc. The point is some days are better than others. Some days you will just want to keep going, other days you are going to struggle to get going – take it as it comes and show up for yourself. Get on the mat and do your work. This consistent earnestness will ripple through the rest of your life and bring a sense of ease in dealing with challenges. No one said life was going to be easy, but you can be at ease with that – and that, is not easy.”

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