Pump Up Your Pecs With This Chest Day Finisher

Your upper body won't know what's hit it.

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Reps For Big Pecs

Pump up your chest in minutes with our T-shirt-filling finisher. Your upper body won’t know what’s hit it.

The Format: This EMOM (every minute on the minute) session will work you hard for 15 minutes. At the start of the first minute, perform five dumbbell floor presses; in minute three, perform 15 bench dips. Complete this sequence five times.

The Workout

1. Slow To Start

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Set up on a bench at a 45-degree incline and hold the weights above your chest with your arms extended. Focus on your tempo by lowering the weights for five seconds, pause, then explode up, squeezing your pecs hard at the top. Get your rest in before the minute is up. You’ll need it.

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2. Floor It

chest day, pecs, weight, body, workoutTake the same weights from your incline press and lie flat with your elbows on the ground and your upper arms at 90 degrees to your torso. Press the dumbbells up as fast as you can and lower for three seconds. The shorter range of motion allows you to keep pushing when you start to tire towards the end of the workout.

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3. Pushing On

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Return to the bench to build your triceps and further target your chest. It’s 15 reps, so you’ll need to work faster, but break the reps into chunks. With your hands on the bench and body outstretched, lock your arms out, then bend at your elbow to lower your upper arms until they’re parallel with the floor. Now, go back to the incline press. Keep on pumping.

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Trainer Tip: “Work for no more than 45 seconds in the minute, so you always have at least 15 seconds to rest and prepare for the next move,” says Men’s Health UK Fitness Editor, Andrew Tracey.

In the unlikely event that you ever get bored of the dumbbell, give this full-body kettlebell workout a go:

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