4 Prehab Hacks To Boost Your Mobility And Help You Lift Heavy

Do you even warm up, bro?

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So you chugged your pre-workout, you’re feeling pumped and you’re ready to go all Hulk smash in the weights section. But first… some slow, controlled mobility work to warm up those joints, boet. If your response is something along the lines of “not gonna happen” you may want to reconsider. A few minutes of prehab will not only help keep you off the bench, it could boost that 1RM as well. We stalked 4 fitness legends on Instagram and found the mobility grind they put in when they’re not going full beast mode.


A long foam roller is ace for rolling your back and ITB, plus you can lie across it shoulder mobility drills.

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Jay Maryniak

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Steal his: Leg-day warm-up

This US-based trainer is a functional fitness monster. I mean, the dude bangs out superman push-ups and back flips for reps. And that’s when he’s not back lunging the weight of a small car. So when Jay says mobility training is a good idea, we listen. Add these moves to the beginning of leg day and check how many plates you start stacking up on that bar.

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Jeff Cavaliere

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Steal his: Hip flexor and shoulder mobility drill

We first started following Jeff on YouTube for his hacks and tricks for tweaking regular exercises to get max gains. Aside from being a physical therapist and the former assistant strength coach for the New York Mets, the dude is ripped. But he’s not all about the weights. This movement drill will pretty much work your whole body in one (score!), but it’s especially good for hip flexors and shoulders. Do it before you do overhead squats, cleans and snatches.


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Want a quick, effective, all-in-one warmup move? Try this Windmill mobility maneuver. The benefits start down in the legs believe it or not, with a pronounced hip flexor stretch on the down leg. Next, stop…the abs! Al too often we just simply NEVER remember to stretch them!! We have no problems working them to death but somehow forget that like any other muscle…it would like if it was stretched every now and then! Then, the best part. The combination of shoulder external rotation with elevation WHILE getting the all important thoracic extension and rotation. Just try and keep the hand and wrist flat against the wall throughout. Aim for 5-6 reps on each side (don’t forget to face the other way and do the other side – and don’t forget to sink into the hip flexor stretch down below). Give this a try and I guarantee you’ll feel better than you did before you dropped your knee down to the floor minutes earlier!! #stretching #mobilitymatters #thoracicmobility #allinone #warmup #getready #beready #alwaysready #athleanx #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere

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Richard-Dean Sumares

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Steal his: Hip mobility drill

This Cape Town mobility specialist, trainer and yoga teacher can hop into a handstand and flip backwards on one hand. But it all starts with healthy joints and controlled movement. If your hips ever feel clicky or you can’t go low in a squat, this move will help sort you out.


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External rotation goodness, early in the morning. Lift Offs followed up with Passive Range Holds Hip external rotation has been my nemesis for the longest time and finally in the last couple of months I have started to feel some real openness and freedom beginning to develop so to stay with that progress, I make sure I work on it often. What is hip external rotation good for? Ask a dancer, specifically ballet, but really all dancers need external rotation. What about a grappler? If you do Jiu Jitsu, you know the power of having a strong guard game or leg strength that’s unbreakable that gives you a tighter squeeze in a triangle. Thai fighter or kickboxing? Your capacity to produce power in your kick is directly proportional to your ability to generate efficient torque within the hip joint. Rotation is torque! Yogi? Still trying to do pigeon because it looks cool? Save your knees and back by strengthening external rotation so that your crazy wild externally rotated postures like pigeon or lotus become more accessible and so they don’t take their toll on your body. There’s a million examples. I can’t list them all. Work on your rotation

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Trevor Schoonraad

Follow him on Insta: @mindbodywhizz

Steal his: Hamstrings drill

So you thought yoga and Pilates were just for the Mrs? You’ll think again when you see Trevor literally fold himself in half and balance on his hands. The Pretoria yoga and Pilates teacher is strong AF but his secret is good mobility and strengthening the often-neglected muscles that support the big guns. If you struggle with lower back pain, you can’t squat heavy or your lunges are looking wobbly, target your hamstrings with this complex.

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