Take This Quiz To Get A Men’s Health Workout Plan Tailored To You

This quiz takes your lifestyle, goals and fitness habits into consideration so you're not stuck focusing on making a workout plan work out for you.

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Which workout plan is for you? Take the quiz!

Find the Men’s Health Plan that is going to work for you, below:

Download The Scrawny To Brawny Workout Plan Here

If you ask a skinny guy where he wants to grow the most, he’ll keep the answer nice and simple: “Chest, shoulders and biceps, please.”

Rest assured, this workout can add serious size to those areas. But it’ll also muscle up your legs and back

Download The Build A Beach Body Workout Plan Here

Surfers are extremely flexible and agile. They constantly have to stay on their toes to avoid falling off the board.

Download The Train Like An Athlete Workout Plan Here

Athletes have some of the most intense work out routines and strict schedules. Most people can’t handle that kind of peak performance and commitment.

Download The Fat Loss Formula Workout Plan Here

Instead of running, you’ll do total-body exercises at a fast pace. After all, whether you’re running or lifting, your muscles require energy to help you move.

Download The Old School Workout Plan Here

There’s a time-tested muscle-building formula that works far better than any supplement or high-tech fitness gadget.

And it’s a simple one to remember: classic exercises plus hard work. While traditional moves like squats, dead lifts and bench presses aren’t the new, shiny thing, they’re still the true secret to turning your body into a muscle-making machine.

Download The Belly Blasting Workout Plan Here

Created by certified strength and conditioning coach Craig Rasmussen, it employs the cutting-edge workout formula used at Rasmussen’s gym in California, one of America’s top 10 gyms.

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