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Make 2020 the year you get shredded!

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Speed Shred is the ultimate 12-week bodyweight workout and meal plan, designed by experts which will torch fat and build muscle, and in less time than any other workout routine.

And if you sign up before the end of January you SAVE 20% off the subscription price! All you have to do is use coupon code speedshred2020 to access the deal.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Simple – because it works. We’ve done our research, and recruited the best in the business when it comes to training and nutrition. Here’s why it WILL change your life:

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☑️ The 12-week plan starts off with exercises that anyone can do, and then ramps up.
☑️ You can do this bodyweight plan anywhere, no expensive gym membership needed. Access all your workouts and eating plans from your smartphone, no app download required.
☑️The nutrition plan controls your kilojoule intake, but doesn’t take away taste, every single meal is filled with flavour, and will leave you satisfied. This ain’t no diet – it’s a muscle-building eating plan.
☑️ The meal plan is also affordable.
☑️ Every single move is shown as an animation, so you can make sure your technique is perfect and avoid injuries.
☑️At the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have a better body and improved confidence. You’ll be able to take your t-shirt off with pride.

Hoping to enter our Cover Guy competition later this year? Or simply keen to blast fast, build muscle and be the best version of you? Then we’re looking at you! We’ll get you to your ‘after’ photo FAST. But be warned, you WILL need to put in the work.


Sign up before the end of January and SAVE 20%! Use coupon code Speedshred2020

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