Jump Like A Superhero With This Beastmode Workout

What's your #MHBeastmode move?

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Lucky Fadzi (@blackwave_official) won this month’s competition with an epic 1.2m-high kneeling box jump, and earned a huge SCITEC hamper. Now it’s your turn to win: what’s your Beastmode move? Enter here.

Want to jump like Lucky? Here are his go-to exercises to get to his #MHBeastmode level.

Knees-to-Feet to Air-Tuck Combo

Start in kneeling position with your arms at your sides. Swing your arms forward while raising your knees and landing in a squat position. Then explosively jump up, bringing your knees towards your chest. Land with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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Squat Jump

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and start with a regular squat. Engage your core and jump up as fast and as high as you can. On landing, lower – with control – back into a squat.

Broad Jump

Start standing with your feet shoulder-with apart. Swing your arms back and bend your knees. Thrust your arms and hips forward and jump forward as far as you can – but make sure to land softly on your feet.

Watch the Beastmode workout moves below:


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