Burn Fat And Build Muscle With This Fun Partner Workout

There’s nothing like training with a partner to make your workout more fun.

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If you’re struggling to reach your fitness goals, it’s time to enlist some help. You don’t need to look too far either – just turn to your significant other or a partner to help you out. Research has shown that working out with your partner improves your bond. By working towards a shared goal you’ll become closer than ever before.

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“My greatest enjoyment about working out with a partner is sharing an experience that is completely unique for every workout. You don’t only workout your body in a partner workout – you’re working on the different elements that make a friendship/relationship successful, like: communication, trust, energy, overcoming frustrations and handling your partners strengths and weaknesses,” says Zimbabwean Rugby Player Riaan O’Neill.

Riaan and girlfriend, Teal Hogg, host Couple Training workshops across South Africa. Ever since the pair met three years ago they’ve combined their training styles to create their own partner based workouts.

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To help you burn fat and build strength, Riaan compiled this 8-move workout you can do with your partner. “The moves are all relatively easy movements to learn, but they should still give you a good burn,” he explains. “We focused more on core and leg strength throughout this workout, although all exercises will challenge your balance, mobility and all-round strength.”

The Workout:

Watch the pair demonstrate and tackle workout. Scroll down for the workout instructions.

Move from one exercise to the next with little rest in between.

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  1. 10 reps each of Burpee Partner Sit-ups (swap roles once you’ve completed the move)
  2. 10 reps for each leg on lunge pushes & hamstring kicks (swap roles once you’ve completed the move)
  3. 20 reps of ‘Back 2 Back’ Squats with Single Leg Lifts (alternating legs)
  4. 20 reps of Shoulder Mobility Resistor Squats
  5. 30 seconds of anti-clockwise V-Up Circles, 30 seconds of clockwise V-Up Circles
  6. 30 second V-Up Scissors
  7. 10 reps each of Partner Weighted Pushups
  8. 10 reps each of Partner Weighted Lunge Walks (alternating legs)

Repeat it all for a second round if you’re feeling brave!

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