This Full-Body Workout Is Perfect For Building Lean Muscle & Will Improve Your Relationship Too!

Do this workout with your partner - It will not only improve your relationship, but your agility and co-ordination too.

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Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but that’s no reason why you can’t continue strengthening your bond with your partner. A good way to do that? Start training together. Dedicate one of your fitness sessions a week to exercise with your partner. You’ll both reap the rewards. Not sure where to start? We enlisted the help of a fitness trainer to get you going.

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“Some things are just better done in pairs,” says fitness trainer Stirling Shaw. “Training with a partner helps you stay motivated to stick to a programme. It’s much easier to skip days when you’re alone because you don’t have anyone else to hold you accountable. But if you know you will be letting someone else down, then you will be more likely to show up.”

Stirling has been into fitness for most of his life. The fitness trainer studied Exercise Science in the US before coming back home and establishing himself here. Now he trains people in person and online. “My online coaching allows me to reach people anywhere in the world and the programme is completely customised to each individual,” he explains.

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For this workout, Stirling chose exercises that would get the heart rate up. “I used exercises that involved touching your partner in some way so that there is that bonding element to the circuit.” The exercises are all functional and don’t require the use of a gym.

The full-body workout is perfect for building lean body mass. “It also improves speed, agility and co-ordination.” You’ll also burn fat and tone your body.

Do The Workout

Watch Stirling and his wife, Kristin, demonstrate the moves and then scroll down for the workout instructions.

Perform these moves one after the other:

  1. Wheel Barrow Pushups + Squats
  2. Toe Touches + Air Tuck
  3. 4 Jumping Lunges + Burpee
  4. Leap Frog to 4 Star Jumps
  5. Wall-Sit + Dips with Alternating Knee Raise
  6. 4 Star Jumps to 4 Shuffles to 1 Jump + Plank
  7. High Knees + Squat Hold

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Workout Instructions:

  • Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and perform in a superset.
  • Rest for 20 seconds between each set.
  • After completing the circuit rest for 1 minute.
  • Repeat the circuit 4-5 times depending on your fitness level.

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