Build Major Strength With This Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

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As the weather begins to cool you might think twice before heading to the gym to workout. But just because it’s freezing outside, that doesn’t mean you should put your fitness goals on ice. Instead of reaching for the covers as you get home, reach for a kettlebell instead.

“Whatever you want to train,  you can use a kettlebell and it will target whatever area you need to. It’s great because it also forces you to engage your core throughout the exercise,” says Grant Hartzenburg, a personal trainer at The Station gym in Cape Town.

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But this nifty piece of equipment doesn’t only have to be used in the gym. The kettlebell’s versatility makes it the perfect piece of equipment to have at home if you can’t afford to kit out a full home gym. It’s also easy to store, so you can put it under your bed, or in a cupboard when not in use.

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To help you reach your strength goals this winter, Grant has designed this full-body kettlebell workout.

The Moves:

  1. Kettlebell Swings + Deadlift Jumps
  2. Single Arm Clean into Racked Squat
  3. Single Arm Clean into Reverse Lunge into Overhead Press

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Workout Instructions:

To build strength:

  1. Use a heavier kettlebell
  2. For section one, complete 3 reps of each exercise. Repeat five times.
  3. Complete one to five reps for the rest of the exercises.
  4. Take a between 60 – 120 second break between exercises so your muscles can recover.
  5. Complete 2 to 3 rounds of the circuit.

Alternatively use this as a conditioning workout:

  1. Use a lighter kettlebell
  2. For section one, complete 3 reps of each exercise. Repeat five times.
  3. Complete 10 – 15 reps for the rest of the exercises.
  4. Rest  for 60 seconds or less to keep your muscles working for a longer period of time.
  5. Complete 5 rounds of the circuit OR set a timer for 30min and complete as many rounds as possible.

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