Download The Belly Blasting Workout Plan

Obliterate belly fat and build abs with this belly busting plan that will say goodbye to your beer belly once and for all

This belly-busting plan from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises is the last fat-loss workout you’ll need.

Created by certified strength and conditioning coach Craig Rasmussen, it employs the cutting-edge workout formula used at Rasmussen’s gym in California, one of America’s top 10 gyms.

Here, Rasmussen fills in the exercises for you. But in the book, you’ll learn how to choose the moves yourself from a menu of more than 600 exercises.

So any time you want a new routine, all you have to do is plug and play – and watch your gut melt away.

>> Click Here To Download The Belly Blasting Workout Plan

Amp up the abs obliteration by focusing on what you eat too, not just what you’re doing in the gym. Try this exclusive Men’s Health meal plan for free and watch your six pack surface.

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