Do This 25-Minute Fat-Burning Workout Anywhere, Anytime

There's no excuse even if you are home for lockdown.

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All you need is your bodyweight and a bench or ottoman for this workout.

Here’s a great anytime, anywhere workout that you can knock out in 25 minutes or less when you’re crunched for time. All you need is a bench, though you can modify at home with an ottoman.

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The 50-second work periods will test your muscular endurance and also eat up the sugar stored in your muscles to put your body in a fat-burning state post-exercise. The short 10-second rest periods will keep your heart rate up the entire session, crush calories, and leave you with a sweat-soaked shirt by the time you’re done.

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Here’s how it works:

Do each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between moves:

1. Marching hip thrust
2. Skull-crusher
3. 1.5 Bulgarian split squat, left side
4. 1.5 Bulgarian split squat, left side
5. Bench hop

That’s 1 round. Do 3 to 5 rounds based on your schedule and fitness level.

Only have 10 minutes to train? Then just do 2 rounds. A recent study showed that a 10-minute circuit done once had the same post-workout after burn of the same circuit done 3 times.

Yes, the longer workout burned more overall calories. But the big takeaway here is that something is always better than nothing, especially when you hit it with enough intensity.

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